Goblin Stamp and Donation Policies

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Alliance Rules
Crossroads Staff
Standard Rates

All donation receipts can be sent to alliancexrlogistics@gmail.com
  • Cash Donations: 5GS/$1
  • General Donations - All General Donations should be pre-approved to maximize goblin stamp compensation. See Donations list on the website and contact GM between events for more information.
  • Item Donations: For materials follow cash donation policy. For labor see below.
  • Workdays/Fair Days/Cons: 300GS
  • Full weekend NPC: 24+hours - 450GS
  • Partial Weekend NPC: 12 to 24 hours - 120GS and Less than 12 hours 60GS
  • NPC Camp Setup/Cleanup: General assist-30GS, Open/Close NPC Camp - 60GS
  • Referrals: 150GS
  • Character Transfer Bonus: All characters with Crossroads as their "home" chapter will receive a 30GS bonus each time that character is played at another chapter. This does NOT include "Pay-No-Play"
Ways to Spend Goblins Stamps

Goblin Stamp Use

  • Monthly Blanket: 30GS
  • Event Blanket: 60GS
  • GS Production: 100GS per weekend Event
  • LCO Component for spellcrafting - 50 Goblin stamps ( These components can only be used for spellcrafting at logistics )
  • Full Spellbook - 500 Goblin stamps per spellbook( This allows a player to purchase a full Celestial or Earth Full spellbook )
  • *Full Alchemy Book - 250 Goblin stamps per book ( This allows the purchase of a full alchemy book ) *Any illegal recipes in your chapter would not be added.
  • Tagged Roleplay Items - 1 Goblin stamps per 1 copper ( This allows you to purchase roleplay items listed in the Alliance Rulebook; Horse, Boat, house, etc)
  • Full protectives - 40 Goblin stamps ( This purchase grants a bless,shield,endow,magic armor,spell shield, elemental shield, poison shield. )
  • Recharge spell store - 50 Goblin stamps for 10 levels of spell store. ( Spells may be split between different items and schools. ) This may only be purchased once per weekend.
  • Buyback Skills: Once per month, per character, a player may remove a skill from their card at the cost of 60gs. Selling back skills does not allow you to violate prerequisite requirements. As such you must sell back those skills first so your character remains “valid”. This must be done at your characters home chapter.
LCO Magic Items
  • Here is the link to our Magic item list
  • Gobbies must be available for the full amount at that time, and cannot be “pre-spent”
  • In order to have your item engraved and a tag ready at the event, items purchased with GS must be requested by midnight the Sunday before an event and should include a description of the phys rep.
  • If a player wishes to make an item and did not meet the deadline to have a tag made, the item will receive a “temporary magic item tag” for the weekend and an item number sticker. The phys rep and tag must then be turned in at the end of the weekend, and will be returned at logistics during the next event.
  • Players are responsible for providing the phys rep for the item. Must be submitted during the Friday logistics in order to have engraving completed on-site and the item usable for the weekend. Note: Crossroads does not guarantee phys reps will not be damaged by the engraving process, and will not compensate the owner should damage occur. We strongly encourage players to use strong phys reps that are not valuable. If an item cannot be engraved it will be marked in another permanent fashion.
  • Players that do not wish to have their phys rep engraved/permanently marked and/or stealable OOG may give up the right to identify their item if it is stolen.
Buying Back Deaths

  • The first two deaths on a character card may never be bought back.
  • A player may choose to “buy back” a resurrection to reduce the risk of permanent death by reducing the number of black stones in the bag.
  • Resurrections may only be bought back for characters with Crossroads as their home chapter.
  • The cost of the first “buy-back” is 40 GS, second “buy-back” is 80 GS, third “buy-back” is 160 GS, and so on with the amount doubling for each successive buy-back.
  • Deaths may not be bought back for permanently dead or regenerated characters.

  • A player may choose to use their GS to buy up to 100 points of production items and/or coin at their first logistics period for an event.
  • 1 Production Point = 1 GS.
  • 1 copper = 1 GS
Gryphon Gifts
  • This section is under construction, please stay tune!
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