Goblin Stamps, What are they good for?


We've received a few questions about what you can do with Goblin Stamps so here is an overview of the system.

What are goblin stamps and how do I get them?

Goblin stamps are our reward system for recognizing all the various efforts and input that helps our game run. They can be earned for volunteering, both inside and outside of our game. (For example you gain Goblin stamps for assisting with end of game clean up on Sunday, or volunteering in the kitchen.) You can also earn goblins stamps for donations of costuming, equipment, or cold hard cash.

What can I use goblin stamps for?

Goblin Stamps have two main 'pools' of uses, the first are the nationally recognized/mandated items below. This will be followed by our local options, these will change overtime but will be updated in this post as the do so.

National Options.

1.) Goblin Blankets - You can buy goblin blankets through the CMA, at the rate one per month. This 'blanket' gives your character more XP the same as if you have attended a one day event. These blankets cost 30 goblin stamps a piece.
2.) Production items, - You can buy up to 5 silvers (50 copper) worth of production items per game day for an event, or turn goblin stamps into coin at at 1:1 copper ratio at the same limit.
3.) Death Buy backs - After your first 2 guaranteed resurrections, each death has a cumulative 10% chance of being your last. You may buy back deaths after your third to reduce this chance back down to 10% for your next resurrections. This costs 40 goblins stamps for your first purchase and doubles for each additional purchase (80, 160, 320 etc.) Please note this option does NOT eliminate the chance to permanently die, only reduces it.
4.) Event Blankets - You may spend goblin stamps to get credit for an event you are unable to attend for 30 goblins per day of the event (so 60 for weekends)

Local Options.

Currently we only have one additional local option but will likely add more as our chapter matures. We always endeavor to ensure that local boosts available are not required, nor giving an advantage as to feel needed to participate.

1.) You may purchase a boon for 100 goblin stamps as detailed here -> https://alliancelarp.com/forum/threads/hearthglen-boons.42658/