Going to the stables.

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Donna smiles brightly at the elven woman. Pocketing the payments received to free her hands, she reaches for some lead ropes that are hanging nearby. "Hello my friend! Thank ya for the stud, he truly is a beauty and will be a great addition to our bloodlines. If ya wouldn't mind settling him in that empty stall over there, I'll set these 3 up with their new mounts right as rain! I've got just the right steed in mind for your friend here, hearty but also calm and steady, they should make a great pairing. Then we can finish up with the stud." She enters the main paddock with the largest selection of horses, closing the gate behind her.

With a jaunty whistle, she quickly catches up 3 horses, the two already picked out by her customers and a 3rd for the latest arrival. Bringing all 3 out of the pen, she ties them to a hitching post and heads into the tack room to get them geared up. Within a short period of time, all 3 horses are tacked and ready to go. She hands each one to their new owners with a smile. "There ya are. These mounts will do right by ya, for we breed and train them with great care. Just be certain that you take care of them in return. Should you ever need anything for them, come on by! And if anyone else is needed some mounts, we still have lots of stock left so bring 'em on by!"
"you kiddin me and rhannon were thick as thieves I just thought I lost him when that disaster took the breach else I'd have looked harder" Mar chuckles "can't believe the clever lil sod survived" he eyes the new horse "that said guess I should accept your offer after all things have moved on and I'm sure rhans lovin his life bettern he was with me"
"If your mare is everything you say she is, we should get a good result out of these two." Caenith winks at the human woman, tipping her head and touching a finger to her forehead in a small salute, then looks to Mar while the woman is off collecting the horses.

"Aye, he is a clever one indeed. I pride myself in raising them with a sharp mind. Phoebus here is his uncle, and my foundation stud." The elf smiles proudly, patting the nose of the tall stallion beside her as he snuffled her hair, and continues with a chuckle, "I added Rhan back to my string, but then he went real quick with a filly of his to some big wig or some such of the sanctum of finger-wagglers. Said he was going to be traveling a lot this year, an' needed a reliable but fancy pair for driving."

She leads the stud off into the barn with Donna as she returns, chatting with the woman, helping where permitted in tacking up the three but standing aside as the human concluded the sale. After she hands the three horses off, the elf adds conversationally to Donna, "Have you seen any of the noble's sale stock this year? A number of them have a good selection, but you need a personal connection in order to buy..."
Another hangover. This was getting to be an all-too familiar ritual for Diggs. Not that it was strange to him - it seemed anytime he came into a bit of coin, it was booze and broads - human ones - every night. He had to get out of Calanhelm.

As Diggs walked up to the Ogres' Head to resume drinking (best cure for a hangover) and seek fresh company, he noticed his sometime friend Jack brushing down a horse.

"What's up with the horse, Jack?"
Jack looks over his shoulder at the approaching hobbling and grins. Standing up off his short stool, Jack dropped the brush and spun around in one fluid motion. "Hey there Diggs! I'm travelling with the Duchess' guard." Jack explained proudly, puffing up his chest.
"On that?," Diggs says as he points at the horse standing beside Jack.
"That's an awful lot of horse for a small man," said Diggs with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. "You intend to ride that thing all the way to Shaundalar just to protect your new girlfriend?"

"And I'm not talking about the blonde lass you were mooning over a few weeks back. I'm talking about the one old enough to be your mother," said Diggs, a huge if somewhat insincere smile spreading across his face.
Jack rolled his eyes at the jab. "You be careful who you say that around. Some aren't as lighthearted as I am" Jack said as he sat back down and picked up his brush. "But yes, meet Geoffrey. He's gonna be carrying me to Fort Shaundalar".
"Touchy are we?" grinned Diggs. "I'm thinkin' I might be making a purchase muh-self." Diggs jauntily strolls into the stables calling, "Stable-master, stable-master!"
Jack watches Diggs leave, shakes his head and goes back to brushing Geoffrey.
Diggs peers into the gloom of the stable, wrinkling his nose as the stench of horse **** assails his senses. It's now wonder he had always hated farms.

"I need to get this done - and quickly," Diggs thinks to himself.

"Stable master!" he bellowed at the top of his lungs.
At the mans bellow, Donna pops her head out of the grain room and walks up the aisle towards her next potential customer. "Hello! What can I do fer ya?" she says with a grin.
"A mount - a steed - four-legged perambulatory conveyance, sweet stable mistress," Diggs said, with a twinkle in his eye. "In all seriousness, fair lady, I require the means to reach Fort Shaundalar expeditiously."

"These," he said, pointing to his rather short legs, "may be chiseled pillars of pure hobling muscle, but the stride is where I lack, if you know what I mean." Diggs winks lasciviously at Donna.

"What about that one?" he said, nodding at a smaller horse two stalls down, dappled brown and white.
Laughing, Donna returns the wink. "Aye, that ones for sale if ya like 'em. He's a bit older, but will get ya where ya want ta go. The usual cost, 2 gold for the horse and 1 gold for the tack." She offers her hand to shake on the deal.
Digs smiles, then spits on his palm and extends his grimy little hand.

Slapping her hand to his, Donna shakes it. "Good! I'll go get him tacked up for ya. You can pay me when I bring him." She smiles and walks off to get his new horse ready.

Coming back with the saddled and ready horse, she grins. Holding out the reins with one hand, she says "Here ya are lad! Pleasure doing business with ya."
A huge grin breaks out on Digg's face.

With a flourish and bow, he says, "Thank you, m'lady."

As he leads his new steed from the stables, Diggs can be heard muttering to himself, "Now what to name you? Horse. No, too obvious. Spot? Hmmm..."
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