It has come to my attention during my last few times visiting horn's end that some more powerful casters have aquired the ability to use golems as bodies for a time. As a caster, I am not the strongest (and if you have met me I am not the luckiest) one around so I would like to make this a goal of mine. How can this be done? Is there a difference between what the golem is made of? Does the golem have to be made of stone? I understand that I may not be able to achieve this soon but I would love to turn in the right direction.
There are a few ways to go about it.

Part one: aquiring a golem
The most common way is through ritual magics. You will need the proper scroll, catalyst, reagents, and a caster. I strongly recommend you use yourself as the primary caster (reasoning below). You will also want to extend the duration of your golem, so it lasts longer than a season. For this you will need either a preserve duration scroll and reagents (5 seasons) or a permanance scroll, catalyst, and reagents. With the appropriate casters.

The extender must be cast in the same batch as the golem, so make sure you have everything prepared before you begin. The type of golem and its abilities are also determined within the casting, so again, be prepared. The golem can contain a certain amount of power per sai based on how strong the caster makes it. The caster also chooses which powers to imbue it with.

Part two: storing yourself into a golem
There is a spirit store ritual which allows a spirit to be stored into something which may be a golem. A cast ritual typically lasts one season.
There is also an ability many celestial formalists utilize that allows them to store themselves into a golem they created (this is why you should cast it) for a day at a time.

The short version.
To be most effective, you need to be a celestial formalist, with the proper scroll, catalyst, and reagents, along with an extender and required components. You also MUST understand the ins and outs of golems, the good and bad, before you even contemplate attempting it.
Yes, they are powerful, but everything has a weakness. I have had two friends permanently die while stored.

Should you have more questions, feel free to contact me privately.

~Lady Ahlana Cassandra Gem Antaro Silverbane Maldovia Moore~
~House of Games~