GOM GOM GOM! 3-Day Labor Day Event!


The General Mangler mangled something up and we have a 3-day event for Labor Day Weekend!!! WOOO HOOO!!! Tell all your friends to come out for a longer-than-the-normal-event event!!

Event Date: September 2nd through 5th (EXTRA DAY OF AWESOMENESS)

Location: MUCC Cedar Lake Outdoor Center, 2500 Pierce Rd, Chelsea MI 48118

To get to the camp you take 94 (east or west) to exit 157 (Pierce Road) head north (straight) on Pierce. Drive past Cavanaugh Lake road. The Camp will be less than a mile past Cavanaugh Lake on left. Cedar Lake Camp. It is about 20 mins west of Ann Arbor.

Bring your friends! It sleeps like 1 HUNDRED THOUSAND MILLION PEOPLE..... or 80.

We will be cancelling our OTHER September event that was the 9th through 11th. This AWESOME EVENT OF AWESOMESAUCE will overtake your usually scheduled Awesome Event.

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me or send an email to alliancesouthmi@yahoo.com!! See you in June AND September!


PS - OMG! I totally forgot to tell you all the cost! It is $75 per person for the event.


<insert inappropriate comment about the sudden solidity of my pants organ>


while i am not longer able to attend the chicago event, because i will be in Arizona.... I WILL be at THIS event!!!!

Thank you and I hope to get my face powned,
Tank is the head of Plot for the 3-day Labor Day Event.



Just a reminder that you have until midnight on August 29th to pre-register for the event to get your 30 gobbies. Spell casters, this will make check in that much smoother, and yes, you can change your spell choices at Saturday and Sunday logistics periods. You can still pre-register until midnight September 1st you just won't get the gobbies, but again, it will help at check in.

Can't remember how to pre-register? Send an e-mail to somilogistics@gmail.com with the following information:
Player name
Character name
Home chapter (if not SoMI)
How you wish to spend any free build (I can e-mail you back with an exact number at your request)
List of spells for the weekend
List of magic item effects (ex: cloak gift 2/d, etc)
How you want to spend production if you have any
If you want to spend goblin stamps on anything and if so, how you want to spend them
If you plan on eating tavern food (Becky Fleming will be running the tavern this event). I will post the cost of tavern food soon to help in the decision making process.

Thanks and I look forward to seeing you all there!


Awsome, I finaly get to come to another SoMi event! Amanda would like to know if you need any help running tavern, like cooking, watching over the food, exc.. Shes actualy quite good at RPing a Hostess/Waitress.
Glad you can make it, Mike!

Becky Fleming is going to be running the Tavern for the 3-day event. Doug Fleming will be posting something in the near future about the Tavern costs and things like that. I am sure Becky would welcome help in the Tavern but I will let her / Doug to speak to that.

See you in a few weeks!



Public Relations Committee
Hi Everyone,

I can not wait to see you all and play up in SoMi! It has been several years! Whoot! :funny:

Amanda Feigenheimer


So my ride just bailed! Amanda and I need a lift from Cadillac MI to the event, we can pitch in for gas and sing car tunes well!!! We realy want to go, and I really want to play my PC! SOMONE!! ANYONE!!!!!!



Make sure you post on the TC boards as well. I don't know how many people we have that travel from cadillac other then the guys from Traverse.



Chicago Staff
Guess Who else is Coming! ME!!! I'm excited! :lol: