Good bye Grey.


Asheville Staff
It is with a saddened, heavy and broken heart that we announce the passing of one of our own, Grey Malkin. Grey was one of the first players to contact Crossroads when it moved to the South. All it took was one small ad at AB Tech, and Grey was in our doorstep and enthusiastically bringing countless groups of friends in to join our wacky little crew. Grey was instantly a cornerstone player, a wonderful recruiter and an artistic force of nature. They brought color into our weird little LARP world, and were the reason so many of us met one another.
When the Chapter was facing it’s possible end, Grey saved it by giving it a new home in Tennessee. While helping rebuild the chapter, They played some of our most influential and memorable NPC roles, and offered Their artistic talents in the form of make-up, costumes, our Banner design and masks. George Wilson ( Grey’s Father and The Crossroads Site Owner) would like to thank each and every one of you for helping to create an artistic endeavor that he was able to share with his child. He looks forward to the future games and gatherings on site, for years to come.
Grey was a thoughtful, chaotic and artistic genius who had shown grace to people when no one else would. They will forever be a part of the soul of Crossroads. We love you
Grey Malkin


Though I am not from the area, anytime a true lover of the LARP community passes, it affects us all with a rippling effect. Blessing to everyone involved.

*Hugs from a fellow LARPer in Colorado*