GoogleDocs Skill Spreadsheet


I know people have made things like this for Excel, but since I don't have that I got bored and made one in GoogleDocs. I might be duplicating others' work but hey, that just means I wasted some time.
It doesn't go to the level of total XP costs, but it's to help you figure out how many BP various builds would be as various classes. Hope someone finds it useful. :)

Post if you find any bugs or have any functionality suggestions. :)

For now it doesn't have the prereqs because I was lazy.
I could use the exel one.


This only reminds me how many events it will be until I finally get my ninth level spell. :(

Only 21 build to go!
Yea you keep dreaming about formal magics there Jesse! Only 13 build until my 9th level and 16 until my 1st formal! :D I am a very pure scholar after all... ;)


But are you the very model of a scholar pure celestial?
Not sure exactly what you mean by the "pure model of a scholar pure celestial" but I'd say all but 15 build spent on spell slots is pretty pure... ;) (that 15 build includes Read Magic)

Please PM me if your interested in what I have... I always love talking skills. ^_^


Ah, not a fan of Pirates of Penzance, are we? :)

Shay was alluding to the following:

"I am the very model of a modern Major General."

Either that, or Tom Leher's "The Elements" song, which is a take on the above.

Yep, musical geek, I am.



I think you have the wrong price for Ledgermain under Rogue. ;)

I developed another type of character sheet generator that not only does the math, including bonuses and penalties for Racial Types but also shows you at the bottom what the overal BP cost would be if the same build was done for the other classes. This helped me to decide that it was Artisan that I wanted to take. ... rSheet.xls

Note, I don't guarantee that it is 'bug free' but I think I got all the numbers right. If not, you can go to the 'data' tab and change the top, green chart numbers and, unless racially significant (i.e., Elves with bows), it should work just fine.


Thanks, I'll fix the cost.

As I posted elsewhere, I think yours is a very useful take- with mine I would have to enter the same "build" seperately on each sheet to compare costs. Too bad I neither have excel nor the gumption to rewrite my doc to do it. Who knows, maybe I'll get bored. ;)

And yes, "I am the very model of a modern major general" it was indeed. Which yes, I will admit I first encountered by way of Lehrer.
Very cool chart! However it only goes to further my fear. Which is that once I get to be around 15th level I am going to have major mid-character build crisis! :eek:

For the time being however I will be content as I know very clearly what I want and where I am going... :)

Maybe I'll just start playing alts, who knows... :?