Grade the national event!

Grade the event!

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Though I only saw it from the dark side of the force, it was an awesome thing to experience. People from all walks of life, from coast to coast all coming togther in this great thing called The Alliance LARP. Here is to all the PC's, NPC's, runners and all those who helped make this event a reality. Here is to new friends and old. Here is to all of us who share the love and fun in this great game of ours. To use the words of some new friends of mine "AWESOME NUCLEAR HOT SAUCE!!!!" Let the uneducated drive by in cars and yell nastyness, we who are in the know, KNOW! I am so glad and honored to be considered one of your number. My only wish is that we lived closer so I could visit with ya all more often.



I gave it an A-. The only thing that kept this one from a solid "A" was the lack of resolution on several major plotlines (at least one of which was our fault, I have no clue on the others)... it was probably intended, and it didn't honestly affect me or my character, but there ya have it for grading purposes. I'm tough with grades, cuz I think praise should mean something.

That said... this was a phenomenal event, my best in recent memory, and I deeply regret that we didn't have more players there to experience the SHAZAAM that occurs when the cream of the larping crop get together and say "now how can we screw with the players the most".


Good stuff Awesome RP with so many pc's and npc's alike.
Totally got the "Oh crap I could die here" feeling more than once.
loved the maze.
Did a good job guys.


It was a very fun weekend. I had a blast. My only constructive criticism comment is concerning the lack of resolution of 3 major plotlines of which I was involved in.

The cure for the disease of the water givers
the rescue of the children of autumn from the hourglass (did they make it out, we dont know, we sent someone to get them)
And the taking with us the kuani and the Khalid both of which we left behind... very sad.

The plot lines were fun, and it was a lot of cool stuff, I just felt like in the end it all got rushed and jumbled together :(

I gave it an A because I got both some phenomial combat and great RP with NPC's and PC's alike.

However I agree that the thing that was missing was the lack of resolution on several major plot lines. One of which (the curing of the water people) I was heavily involved with and sad to not finish.

I was also slightly disappointed as well to miss the resolution of the Rakashasa plot line. While I realize that plot needed to finish things, running the culmination of the weekend at around 3:30am and 4am was pretty harsh after many people had waited a long time in the cold to go through the dungeon. (Although when my team did that it was a lot of fun.)

At the very least it would have been nice to hear from plot "we are finishing this tonight" in a similar manner to when they had announced they were stopping the other nights.

That however was really the only significant blip on an otherwise fantastic weekend. :D


I gave the event an A+ and I never give A+s. My grade is based solely on my perceived performance of plot and NPC's.

My reasons are partially listed in my favorites, especially about the real feeling to the world and the event as a whole.

I enjoyed the whole concept of the weekend. The fact that the fate of the whole world (and not just our individual continents) rested on our shoulders. The fact that this land was completely different from any other place on Fortannis. All the crazy new monsters and races. The way everthing was not black and white but shades of gray and once you thought you'd finally found a "good guy" someone would give you a piece of information to tarnish that person.

I thought the statting was absolutely terrifying, but it gave us those "I have no idea how we got out of there alive" moments which is cool.

From my perspective it looked like everyone in NPC camp worked their hiney's off and roleplayed their hearts out, for which you all deserve a huge round of applause. I'm giving you one, right now, as I type. Yeah, I got skillz. ;)

The lack of resolution did not bother me partially because it was my own fault for going off site to sleep and partially because we were temporary visitors in a crazy new world. I like to think of it as a "To be continued...." and next time Sophie finds herself faced with an hourglass she will have a serious dilema whether to go in or not.

Excellent, excellent job National. Thank you for a fantastic event.