Greetings and welcome all who seek knowledge (General Guidelines)

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Greetings to all adventurers! Whether you are currently a member of this guild or a hopeful applicant please look towards this are for notices, contracts, special announcements, guild membership roster and current status within the guilds.

***If you are a member to the guild please feel free to post your commerce or trades here! If you are not a member of this guild, please be respectful and keep your questions general. At this time only members of the guild and associates should be posting any goods for sale.

There will be a section added shortly for officially sanctioned reports and recollections for the collective use of the adventuring community. You are welcome to read the information provided, if you have something to add to the collected tomb of knowledge, please contact the acting guild master to pass this information along.

If you are not a member of this guild and wish to join, please see the guild master of the Adventurer's Guild in game on the afternoon of the full full day of the gather or place your petition here!
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