Greetings from across the mists


San Francisco Staff
Hello, friends and fellow adventurers,

I had the pleasure of meeting a number of those from your shard at the recent gather (though the term seems generous, given the involuntary nature of the thing.)

My duties at home should soon allow for a short journey across the mists, and I hoped to solidify those acquaintances and budding friendships with a visit to your lands. If nothing else, I am long overdue for a visit to my sister Hildr in her new home.

I understand that your land is plagued by the vile Outsiders that threaten so many. I have had the misfortune to combat this Enemy on many occasions, and would be glad to lend my aid in this or any other task at hand.

If there are any local procedures for presenting oneself upon visiting, I would much appreciate some information so that I might not arrive unprepared. I will also be seeking unwarded lodging for the duration of my stay.

My thanks in advance for your kind assistance,
Tribune Pluvianella Charbonneau
Good Tribune Pluvianella Charbonneau,

Our meeting during the Great Abduction By Cidra was most beneficial. I have since solved the Mystery of the List of Nouns. It will also be easier to give you a copy of the Census of Sanctum in person.

Though I plan to visit your own shard in the winter, I wish to extend my welcome to our world of Aethera and the sovereign realm of Dragonhold under Prince Malidor Ironbeard's wise rule.

The Outsider known as 'The Mother of Monsters' or Shal'xorath is our chief and most subtle foe. You are an experienced Traveler and far more wise to the Great Conflict than I, but please heed these thoughts
*All hatred and division among mortals sustains her
*Sometimes Beings of Fate intercede with those who pass our Mist. They will name you Exalted. Puck or Arcarthia might provide more specifics.

Know also that few to none in our lands know of or believe in Outsiders, Void Magic and so on. Your council in both how to war with Shal'Xorath's Heralds (possibly Outsiders themselves) oppose the regional world Corruption of outsiders and successfully inform a skeptical world will be on high demand.

Though it sounds odd, I offer to lodge in the communities Mage's Guild - The Hall of Our Roots to the Sky. Only portions of it are Warded, though you may be more comfortable in the Healer's Guild or the private apartments of the Gentleman Aden Corso.

My deepest regards,
Askeksa Firstforest

Concerning presentation, I will dream you a private dream to satisfy the protocol of my sworn Prince on the morrow.
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Dear Askeksa,

While I am gratified to hear that you have solved your mystery, I admit a twinge of sorrow at being unable to delve into the puzzle myself. I look forward to hearing what you have learned, and will welcome a copy of the Census to add to my records.

Your visit to Maelstrom will be most welcome, and I thank you for your warm welcome to Aethera. I appreciate your warnings about your Great Foe and these beings of Fate (I must say I do not feel I can lay claim to the title of Exalted, though of course such beings rarely take our own preferences into account.) My counsel on what I have learned thus far regarding Outsiders, corruption, and the accompanying misinformation is of course yours, as is any other aid I can offer to you and yours.

Your offer of lodging is intriguing. I cannot recall ever being extended such an invitation, and am inclined to accept for the novelty of experience, as well as in appreciation for your kind hospitality. The practicalities of the matter may depend on the proximity of the sleeping quarters to any Greater Circles of Power, as well as whether it would be considered unspeakably rude to spellcraft a Lesser Earth Circle in which to retreat should my discomfort be too great.

I look forward to your advice on presentation and other protocols. I am rather new to such matters and appreciate the counsel.

In friendship and service,
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Brevity is unfortunately required this evening, forgive my quick words.

All you say is excellent. Proximal matters can be arranged privately, so as to not share our guildhall's layout with the wide world.
I would not find a Lesser Circle impudent, though my guildmates Brother Faux, might and I'd invite his opinion.

Upon leaving the Mists, I have been advised to you are to seek an audience with our Prince Malidor Ironbeard. This is liable to transpire at his throne room in the burgeoning town which is eponymous to him and to the east several leagues of the Adventurer's settlement at Fort Alliance unless he is my chance at the Fort.

If you might dream or send Winds to Whisper to me, any member of the Dragonhold Council or Guildmaster Ivan Koval of the White Flame or the Prince himself either before you arrive or upon doing so, we can facilitate magically swift travels, so that your audience is swift and honors due unto you are met.

This goes for all who may seek to come from Ennerat, the Maelstrom, and beyond: it is insisted that High Highness treat with you foremost, as he is eager to welcome those we call Travelers and apprise them of current conditions.

With tidings of welcome,

Councilor Askeksa Firstforest

I look forward to seeing ye. Yer welcome to stay with me in the healers guild if ye would like, also know as the white flame.

Cant wait to see you.

-Squire Hildr' of House Phoenix
Totem of Hawk
My dear Hildr and Askeksa,

My apologies for the delay in my response. I would be delighted to stay with either of you.

I shall make sure that those who are traveling with me, as well as any other travelers I may encounter, are prepared to meet with His Highness upon our arrival. If desired, I can endeavor to provide a list of those who will be in attendance, though the mists being what they are, a certain degree of flexibility toward the unexpected is always wise.

I look forward to seeing you both soon.


P.S. Love you too, Sister.