Greetings Jewlers, Gem Cutters, Silver Smiths (general guidelines)


Gettysburg Staff
Greetings to all adventurers! Whether you are currently a member of this guild or a hopeful applicant please look towards this are for notices, contracts, special announcements, guild membership roster and current status within the guilds.

***If you are a member to the guild please feel free to post your commerce or trades here! If you are not a member of this guild, please be respectful and keep your questions general. At this time only members of the guild and associates should be posting any goods for sale. If you are not a member of this guild and wish to join, please see the guild master of the Adventurer's Guild in game on the afternoon of the full full day of the gather or place your petition here!
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I will be looking to join the guild at the next gather in a few weeks. I would like to inquire as to what I would be required to have for membership, any policies or procedures that need to be followed and to whom I should speak with for membership. I'm a fast learner and would be eager to jump right in and begin work as soon as possible.

Redcloud Blooddawn
Black Forest

I would be more than happy to help you join our guild. Please seek me out at the next gather.

Please be prepared to show me and the other guild members your abilities.

Sapharia Barran'i

I thank you for the welcome and am eager to meet with you, however I require more information. What abilities am I expected to display? How skilled do I have to be to join. How am I to demonstrate my skills? Are there fees or costs to join? I want to be completely prepared when we meet.


I will contact you privately to give you all of the information you need.

Sapharia Barran'i