Guild Moot at Next Gather

Lanna Rose

Jewlers and Gem Cutters Guild,

Please be aware that I am calling for a moot for all active guild members. We will be meeting Saturday afternoon. I am inviting you all to join me on a picnic. We will be discussing finding new members for the guild as well as where we would like to take the guild.

If you are unable to attend for any reason please contact me so that I am aware.

All guild members who attend will receive one Guild Point.

Sapharia Barran'i

I am sorry that I missed you at the last gather. I had to leave saturday eve at around 8 bells. However I want to let you know that Brandr was extremely helpful in getting me admitted to the guild. I look forward to meeting you in person, (formally, as I have seen you around town, but have never properly introduced myself) and working with my fellow guild members.

Also, I am crafting some gifts for the guild as a thank you for welcoming me in. Would you be so kind as to inform me as to your ring size. I want to make sure everything fits properly.

Until next we meet,
Redcloud Blooddawn
Black Forest
Red Cloud,

I am sorry that guild duties held me up at the mine. We had a few problems with willow whisps late Saturday night.

I also look forward to meeting you formally at the next gather.

Also the Guild Moot will be held then as I was not able to make it into town.

Sapharia Barran'i

M'Lady, you neglected to inform me as to your ring size. However, most of my stock is adjustable. I will make due with what I have. Until then, may fate carry you safe.

I applologize. My mind is a bit scattered with everything that has happened. I believe my ring size is a 6.

Sapharia Barran'i