Guild Points and Status for October


Points awards for this past gather:

Firstly I wish to welcome Ariana and Raganzi into the guild, and thank Isego for undertaking their entrance examinations.

Isego 2 points
Participation 1
Leadership 1

Jaden 1 point
Participation 1

Simon 2 points
Participation 1
Pre and Post Gather Logistics

Ariana 1 Point
Participation 1

Raganzi 1 point
Participation 1

Overall standings:
Simon 29 (Tradesman, eligible for Promotion with Masters Thesis)
Isego 8 (Adept, eligible for Promotion to Journeyman)
Ariana 1 (Initiate)
Raganzi 1 (Initiate)
Balls 5 (Initiate elidgible for Promotion to Apprentice)
Jadden 4 (Initiate elidgible for Promotion to Apprentice)
Nerion 1 (Initiate)
Raven 3 (Initiate)
Grim 1 (Initiate, inactive)
Artalon 1 (Initiate, inactive)

Simon Neville
Tradesman of the Guild of Celestial and Arcane Mysteries