Guilds, Factions and Other Stuff


As I am new to these lands, I spent most of my day trying to gather as much information as possible. There are a few details that are hazy at best, though I would much rather gather this information in person, there are always pressing matters that pull people away/distract from the conversation.

Please note, all I'm looking for here is a very general explanation/description of the factions, locations, and guilds in the area. Upon my next visit, I plan on having everything on parchment along with a detailed record of events taking place. This will not only help me get on track with the sheer magnitude of madness going on here but also help others who only travel a few times a year.

I noticed that Gideon did something similar, however, he had a lot more hands-on and readily available information. As the town adds information I will try to keep a detailed log.

White Wyverns-
A guild devoted to fighting necromancy. Their devotion sounds like blind zeal at times, with members being belligerently offensive with "wild claims" toward seemingly anyone they suspect of being a "necromancer" for arbitrary reasons. This could be the exception rather than the rule, still...

Contract Apocolypse-
A guild of mercenaries for hire. It seems that they will do just about anything for a price, even at the cost of their own reputation. As long as the cost does not outweigh the gain. Hard to say who they could be in league with, I think for now its safe to say, anyone.

Order of the Thorn-
From what I've gathered, they are completely against the development of any kind of lands. I do not believe this is limited to forested areas, though the focus is on forests.


Silver Destiny-
They promote unity and trade among the isles.

Hill Dwarfs
Mountain Dwarfs
The Order of Arden

Locations of Interest
The Heartwood-
An island of stone elves known as Mala’kari, dryads, and mystic wood elves. The Mala’kari have a prophecy that what is at the center of the Heartwood would be the end of their race. They declared war on the dryads and enslaved the mystics. The mystics have been turned into “hollow elves” by having their emotions forcibly removed. In the center of the Heartwood, a seed encasing Despair was found.

The Ashwood-
An island of wood elves, dryads, and a hedge witch. This area has been plagued by pools of chaos. We performed a ritual to destroy the chaos, however, rumor has it the chaos has returned after ‘hate’ walked through the forest.

An isle boasting a major city. They prefer the finer things in life. Not much is known of these lands.

The Capitol-
The heart of the Elorian Empire. It is a large city of racial diversity.

Individuals of Interest
The PuzzleMaster-
Member of the Order of Arden, speaks cryptically. Won't share information he knows that other adventurers already know. Sent here to follow up on a missing member of the Order of Arden. Not sure how accurate this is.

Member of the Order of Arden.

Member of the Moonblades. A healer that likes naps and likes helping people.

The Whisperer-

Friend -
Bone Guy, Arden
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