Hi me again
So considering playing a gypsy but want to get sum input/feel of hue the gypsies are played in the chapter what kind of personality do you base it off of are we talkin Romanian or fortune teller or like circus nomads ? Pirate gypsy ?
Love to hear back


There are surprisingly a lot of gypsies! They just need the time and the money to show up. :( I think the first event of this current plot team there were 6 gypsies and 1 rai (a non-gypsy that is considered practically family) and there are 2 or 3 other people that plan to eventually play a gypsy in the Oregon chapter. The gypsies are one of the larger groups of players in the Oregon chapter.

My gypsy is based off the Irish-Scot gypsy akin to the pikeys in the movie "Snatch". Most gypsies seem to be based off of the Eastern European nomads that wander through Western Civilization, with heavy Romanian or Slavic accents and very flamboyant natures.

There is a lot of information in the Race Packet about the history of Gypsies in the Oregon chapter as well as information on the various clans. But, you cannot get a Race Packet unless you have a character of that race in the chapter's database. In other words, you have to choose to play that race before you are given the local information on them.


Remember that Gypsies are notoriously hard to pin down, bot literally and figuratively. They are gregarious and colorful people, but beyond that the sky is the limit. All of your ideas can easily work, as can a mix of them. The most important thing is to have fun and don't hold back. We Rom are proud and we don't have anything to hide. (At least, not that anyone else knows about.)

The only thing that I don't suggest is wearing too much brown or black. You don't want to be called a... a human.


Oregon Staff
Oh! Anticipatory welcome! :) As was said, the gypsies are a fairly colourful bunch, both in mannerisms and in (sometimes eye-bleeding, sometimes techni-) colour. Play whatever suits your fancy. Are you going to make it to the event this weekend?