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Hey everybody! Though I don't play a gypsy I do have gypsy's curse (gotta love that Wylderkin racial trait selection), and am drawing a blank as far as good ideas for gypsy curses. I definitely don't intend on using it on just anyone who looks at me the wrong way, but I would like to have a few good ones in my bag tricks to use at a moments notice when the moment presents itself. Any suggestions? Cool ideas? I'd love anything from silly to made to punish the foul and wicked.


Speaking in rhyme and speaking only through song are good go-to's.


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Curse someone using Enslavements to end all of their sentences with the words? "Kill me."

Best curse I've ever seen. RIP, Vishkin.


They have to walk through doorways backwards. I had it prepped as an NPC once, I referred to it as the "rogue's delight" curse.


That's an interesting thought though...

Gypsies have a very strict rules about where and when to bestow a curse. However, Wyldkin aren't Gypsies so do they have the same restrictions?

How do Gypsies feel about Wyldkin using the curses?

Some real RP potential there between Wyldkin with curse and Gypsies. :)

My curse is ending each sentence with "Bad-dam Ching!" (Rimshot) or "In Bed".


I really, REALLY try to avoid the 'you have to begin/end each sentence with" curses as they can really become not very fun very fast. Although that depends on the player/situation etc. sometimes that works. For my Rabbitkin (who has yet to use his Gypsy Curse, or even realize he has it) My planned curses will be things like.

"If you don't not always feel accusatory eyes upon you"


"If you do not always feel when you lie as heat upon your skin!"

That way my target can play it up as much, or as little as they are comfortable with. Although this is a bigger deal to PCs than NPCs obviously

I've also seen one particular gypsy that carries about 3 animal prosthetic with her at all times in case see wants to curse folks ^.^
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Just remember, Gypsy Curse tends to be quickly followed by Gypsy Death.


There was once a man who was very impolite to my Gypsy NPC and her family, so she took it upon herself to impart manners to him. "Please" and/or "thank you" with every sentence. It was super effective and good way to use the curse on someone who isn't some huge bad guy, but was just a small-time hater. :p


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In this case, Gypsy curse would end with Kin death ;), alternatively feel free to steal any of my back-burner ones for with everything they say and do!
Roll your eyes!
talk about loot!
disrespect those around you!
compliment others!
get the last word in!
give insincere compliments!
Pick a fight!

Ultimately though, when someone does something deserving of a curse, their punishment will come to you like an epiphany! That is the greatest part of Gypsy curse to me.
Thanks everyone! These are all awesome!

And as far as Wylderkin not being gypsies but still having the curse, I played that off by putting it into the back sorry of my characters culture and it ended up working out similar to how the gypsies already have it.