Halp! You're (sorta) my only hope!


I'm going to June game and live in Bakersfield. If anyone is coming up from LA or nearby, or even if I can get a ride to Fresno, I would love travel buddies. I can either offer a ride or two from the area or would love to hitch a ride with someone- please please please please let me know ASAP! Willing to put money towards gas, none needed if hitching with me (though appreciate), worst case I drive on my lonesome
I'd say you could always nab a train, but driving yourself is probably far cheaper than the ticket. If you have some cheap way to take the train to Sacramento, I know I will have space to take someone (Though I'm leaving the area around 2 or 3pm). I'm sure someone from the Bay area could work out rides too if you were to get there by bus. Just trying to provide more options.
Good God, that's far. I don't know if we have anyone in the game that comes up from that far south
I may just end up driving on my own, unless someone would like to go with. Just though I'd ask.
Asking is always good. I think we have some people who come from Fresno. Also, I would ask on our Facebook group, too.