Have cash, want packets


Hi all,

I don’t have much time to prep for the upcoming event (my first Alliance game in years!), so I’m wondering if someone wants to make some quick cash for making spell packets (i.e. not orange nor blue — slight for white fabric). I’d pick them up and pay at the start of the game.

Let me know, and let me know what style you make them in (e.g. rubber band vs sewn, color, etc).

P.S: I tried to post this on discord, but the most relevant threads appeared to be “read only.”
Not local to Kansas, so there'd be a shipping cost. But "Bradley Packets" makes spell packets. You can order via his website or via etsy. If you need them fast, try emailing him and seeing if he has some in stock. https://www.bradleypackets.com/ or https://www.etsy.com/shop/BradleyPackets . I've chatted a bit with him, and he's been very honest and clear about time lines for delivery when I had a date I needed packets by.

He is a little expensive once you figure in shipping, but he makes very consistent and reliable packets. I tend to be pretty picky about my packets, and so far he's the only one who makes packets to my standards.
If you're less picky about packet construction I'm a local Kansas player, and I'd be willing to make some for you and bring them to game! I make just the standard rubber band packets. Shoot me a message on here or on the Kansas discord and I can help out. :3 Also, what's your discord name? I don't think you can post until you get a role from the mods, and we can get that set up for you so that you can post!