Have Goblin Stamps in SF? Make sure we have your email address!


While preparing for the 2.0 migration to the CMA, I noticed we have several dozen people who have earned goblin stamps at Alliance San Francisco, but for whom we don't have email addresses for. While we will be able to find them and add them in if they don't import, it will be much more convenient for everyone if the import works.

Please tell us your name & email address via this google form:

Specifically, I noticed a lot of people who had received goblin stamps from 2018 National event where we did not have email address on record.
Hey would it be possible to transfer any goblin stamps to a new Alliance location? I played in SF in 2016 and am looking to try Headquarters
Goblin stamps are local level rewards. "Dragon Stamps" are national level rewards and are usable in all locations.

With that said, one of the uses for goblin stamps is to buy "event credit" for events you did not attend. So even if you are playing at Headquarters, you can use your San Francisco goblin stamps to get credit for San Francisco events, which will give your character experience as if you'd played in SF.
Hello there, I'm from the NH Chapter and I purchased some Goblin Stamps from your game. Who is best to contact pertaining to this?

Rob Aka Orrin Tuck
Pm me with the details and I’ll get it sorted out quick.