He’s back

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Phelan steps through the gates of Calanhelm. Looking around for a moment to reorient the new sites to his old memories he continues on his way towards the Ogre’s Head Tavern.

It’s been a long time he thinks to himself.
Sitting quietly to his own in th Ogres Head stig goes over what looks to be mundane Homeguard rules and regulation papers, something he had been meaning to do for quite sometime, but with his solitude watching over the Lux during the winter and dealing with his transformation by the ancient powers he only recently had found the time.
Stepping through the door to the Ogres Head, Phelan looks around for a familiar face
Stig looks up hearing the door with the cockeyed stare many have come to know.
He says with a nod leaning back in his chair
Ears swiveling to the sound of his name,Phelan sees a strange man with his face covered in growths?..
Who in the world could this be he thinks for a instant before the mans scent comes to him
“Stig?? Is that you?”
Again, Stig stares his signature stare then smiles alittle waving Phalan over
"Is me"
he says with a nod
"You seem betwixed by me. The strange magics dat has svept Fortanis, making peoples feel n know different, has also made me one vith da lands I swore to protect"
He motions to a chair
"Tell me. Hows you been? Still looking your self, but hows you feel? Is you a fancy caster of all magics?"
A slight chuckle pops from him as he mumbles to him self
*vait till him see da others*
Laughing at the thought of himself casting spells. Phelan reply’s “ No my friend I still rely on my blade as opposed to magics. I’m still myself majestic tail and all. “
"Good to hear it"
Stig puts away his papers and motions to the bar staff for 2 drinks
"Sit. Ve can catch up. N if yous feelings up to it Is can fill you in vhere everyone has gone. Vill be going back n near 2 veeks if vishal to join"
Setting down into the chair Phelan takes a pull from his flagon. “I will gladly rejoin you and the others. It seems I have a lot to catch up on though “ he says with a chuckle.
Stig gives a nod of approval

*they talk amongst themselves in 'private'*
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