Hear ye!


By decree of the High Magnates of House Wydael, Izikiel Ryatt and Elizabeth Keenan all Wylderkin are invited to approach any member of the Cabinet of Wyndael and answer the following question:

What Will the Future of Wyndael Hold?

The High Magnates invite an open forum for all Wylderkin to discuss the governmental structure of what will be the New Nation of Wyndael! How shall this nation govern its people? Who shall rule? How best should the laws of this New Land be beholden to the Public Trust?

Though they shall not be part of the governance of the new nation of Wyndael, the High Magnates are honored to help midwife its birth!

In Honor and by the Eight
High Magnate Izikiel Ryatt
Former Squire, Order of Chivalry