Help Needed!

My Friends and Allies--

A few months ago, we met Duncan- a dwarf from a Dwarven stronghold about three days from us by ship. He resurrected in our town and recently we have taken him home to his people. We have learned that his people are enemies of the Minotaur and have a defended stronghold in the mountains as well as a fort named "Dunuirdan". Arannin and I have visited them and they were friendly to us and those in Landfall. With Lord Gyre's approval we have made a small alliance- our two people will look out for each other in our fight against the Minotaur and maybe someday we could help each other.

Just now, Arannin and I have received a Whispering Wind from the dwarves. The dwarven fort is being attacked by a tythonian- if you remember, this was the name of the giant tentacle monsters we fought a few months ago-- and Minotaur. Their doors have been broken and they are being driven from the fort. We have little information on how many are attacking, but there were about 50 dwarves in the fort when we visited, so there must be many Minotaur attacking. We are asked to help them-- they need both warriors and spell casters.

The dwarves are our allies-- we all fight the evil of the Minotaur together. We can not let our new allies be killed and enslaved by Minotaur. Myself, Arannin, and Sir Iftikhaar are preparing to assist the dwarves along with anyone else who can join us. I ask all, who are able, to gather your weapons and supplies and join us-- we need to hurry. It will take about three days by ship to reach the Dwarves.

We have all counted on each other in many fierce fights in the past-- I know I can count on you again to help our new allies. Please tell me if you need more information or a certain supply to come along-- I will do what I can.

-Roan Dari Alki
Handmaiden of Ulien, Defender of the Earth


I shall make the journey to lend aid to the dwarves of the north. I have recommended to my Lord Gyr that he remain behind with at least one other member of the council. I believe he has chosen former Lieutenant Masticon to remain behind to advise him. Good Captain Alcondar has in times past offered the use of his ship for just such a need, perhaps our urgency can be impressed upon him.

In service to her Majesty and assigned to his Lord Tymolan Gyr,
Advisor Etherian Silverquick


To my comrades in arms,
I have pledged myself, my resources and my people to this cause. I shall continue to do so. The Albatross is at your disposal. At the moment many of our Legionnaires are working on a number of tasks that have them too far out to meet this call. Captain Marcus Nelson will remain in Landfall to aid in any defense along with a few of my people. I will sail with 1st Mate Yames, Prashka, Cestiel, Itzack and any other Legion member that can join us, to aid the dwarves. We have plenty of room for passengers on board our ship. We shall sail from Landfall soon, anyone wishing to join us should meet there.
-Commander Alcandar Northwind, High Magus of the Legion of the Sun


Ah, I just get back and already is the trouble? Vhell, I vould love to see this new place! And if they are friends of my friends, they are friends of my friends and I!

I shall lend a my stringed instrument which throws pointy bits to the cause.

Vith much love,
~Itzack Wolfe the Extraordinary, Veteran of the War against the Delkani, Defender of Stillrun, Defier of Chaotic Mountains, Head of the Band of the Golden Wheel, a supporter of the True Queen and her servant Lord Gyre and his good servants in the Council, Friend of the riverfolk and the Fae of Ice and Earth, Traveller of broad oceans and undiscovered woods, Warrior against slavery in all its forms, Member of the Legion of the Sun, etc. etc.


I and some of the Broken Chain shall be there as well.


Oregon Staff
I was not dead after the first ship travel, so I think I will live after another with the Legion. I will do what I can to help the dwarves to not be slaves.


I wish I could help my Dwarven brothers. Let me know if there is anything I can do from afar.

Many blessings,
Bob the Blacksmith


Alavatar said:
Eef meh brotha, Itzack, is goin den ee will need someone ta look afta him. I'll be thar.
I could allvays use a little help from the family. Glad to know that you will be there! And my dear sister, Prashka! Will Esrael and any of the rest of the family members come?