San Francisco Staff
Hey, hey everybody!

Time for a serious check in. This last weekend overnight event was wonderful! What a fantastic and beautiful site our dedicated, and hardworking management staff have managed to book for us. The camp is light years beyond what we have endured for the last 18 months in so many ways. Heated cabins, plural, A well placed monsterlandia, a great “Mead” hall, with a working fireplace, and comfy places to sit! Annnnd trails we didn’t even get a chance to explore, without the slog of potholes trying to steal your transmission from the bottom of your cars! Amazing!
The story of the Maelstrom is coming to an epic close as you, our community, Your heroes, anti-heroes…protagonists push ever forward against a convoluted, and difficult foe.
The rumors are true. This will be my last year running as director so be prepared for a lot of closure. Miles has stepped up, and will be taking the reins once I am done, and the world, your choices depending, will carry on. You are all in good, capable hands.

This next part is full of some genuine needs, no, they aren’t personal attacks, but there is no way to say this other, than honestly, and plainly.

Not super long, please read anyways.

This is a labor of love, none of us are getting paid, your event fees go into renting our sites, insurance, and operating costs. None of us are getting paid.
In order to make this magic happen, we need everyone’s help and support. But, how can we help and support our community? Funny you should ask.
There are a handful of seemingly simple, and innocuous things that we can all do that will pay us back in dividends if everyone does their part.

We absolutely NEED. Each. AND. Every. ONE. of. YOU. To. PRE-REG! I have given up trying to get people to RSVP (finally, I know right?), but PRE-REG is absolutely ESSENTIAL. Failure to PRE-REG can, and WILL result in a subpar experience.
But, Why?

Well, Pre-Regging may seem super irritating, and tedious but our logistics team NEEDS to know you are going to be at the event, My staff and I WANT to know you are going to be at the event, so we can work on fitting in your personal plot arcs, requests, quests, etc. AND most importantly we need to know you are going to be there so we can cover SITE FEES. IF you do not PRE-REG we WILL CANCEL overnight events. Because we cannot pay out of pocket anymore, it isn’t cool.

Cancelling would be super sad, and also seriously impinge on your fellow players. Especially our friends who travel from out of state. They have to dance through a lot more hoops to come play. So be a Courteous, and Responsible member of the community, and PRE. REG. NO. EXCUSES.

Even if you are only going to come up Saturday night for a few hours, we really NEED to know. So we can FEED you, and give you fun stuff to do!!

While you are thinking about what spells to memorize for your PRE-REG. Take this time to Promote! share our event links, share them with your friends, help us get the word out. Players, Cast members, monsters, makeup artists, etc.


Be welcoming, and open to new players, and cast members! I am not super worried about this but it should be said anyways.

We are overwhelmed getting things together for the next event. You can be a great help by stepping up to help would be new players with questions about our game, building a character(s), weapon/costume creation, etc. This will help show, not just tell, them how welcoming, and warm we are. This has not been a problem, and this weekend we had some new people show up, and have a blast. But we can do more.

Thank you everyone! We will see you soon!