HerathGlen Market Report


Fortanis Market Report: HearthGlen


Welcome to HearthGlen! After a 1000 years of Hospitality and Light it is time once more for the fey to battle amongst themselves to see which aspect will assert dominance. While visiting HearthGlen you may be approached by different aspects of the Fey. They are all quite deadly as they have assumed certain mantles or archetypes. Currently in a battle royal it is up to you to help decide the fate of these lands.

Very Few Merchants come to HearthGlen as the populace is rather impoverished. It is a silver based economy. A place where adventurers divide the spoils of war down to the last copper. It is also a place where scrolls, potions, and elixirs are commonly dropped by the enemies. Making these items hard to sell in the community as people would rather wait and see if they can find what they need among the spoils of the dead. Reagents are also commonly found and are usually purchased out of the spoils by an adventurer for 1 Gold coin.

Cookies, Sweets, Drinks, and Bottled Beverages do much better here. As long as things are priced around silver people are willing to purchase treats and sweets. Durable goods on the other hand are a hard sell and are usually purchased out of necessity rather than desire. You need to have something that is truly spectacular for an adventurer to want to buy it. Even then if the price goes above 3 Gold it is hard to sell it.

Currently there is one Inscriptionist, one Alchemist, and a few BlackSmiths that reside in HearthGlen. Blacksmithing is the hardest service to charge for as most traveling adventurers have a rank or two of blacksmithing to take care of their own needs. The economy is developing but scrolls and magic items tend to go for a steal here as the economy just doesn’t have the coin to sustain itself. The average wealth an adventurer can make here is roughly 3 gold per market weekend in a mix of coin and production.