Here's hoping for a ward

Hello I sent this message on ahead and hopefully it arrived in time.

I'm planning on staying for a while in town but I am in need of a ward for the gathering this weekend. If anyone could help me with that I would appreciate it. I don't have much in way of payment, but I am sure we can work out something.
Thank you,
Hi, Minerva! It's been a few hours since I've seen you, glad to hear you're coming back!

I'd be happy to provide you with a Ward! I've been spending some more time near Myerston these days anyway; not a fan of what Shandorah's doing right now. How many Wards would you like?

I'm going to go take a quick nap. I'll probably be awake by the time you get to Myerston. If I'm not and I accidentally sleep through the next few centuries, I'll be sure to pass along a few Wards to your great great great great grandchildren.

~ Amyr

I don’t think we’ve had the pleasure of meeting, but if you are willing to cast another Ward, I would be most appreciative of one. I would be more than happy to trade in goods or services as appropriate.

You seem like a native to the area, I’d love to share a mug of cocoa and learn about it.

Hello, Joshua! More people in town, how wonderful! A ward for a shared mug of cocoa, you've got it!

~ Amyr