hi, when and how to prereg


My name is Matt. I plan on bringing at least 4 other people who have never played Alliance before to the July event and we are all going to NPC. So that they can get a feel for the game and the other players and such. I've seen pictures of kids in game... is that an acceptable thing here at your chapter? If so, great because that would save on baby sitter costs. Eventually when my new friends feel comfortable we'll all come to PC. I would guess at the season opener next year.

So how do we prereg and all that for the July event?
Is it all on the website and I just overlooked it?
thanks for your help in advance.


Hey Matt,

Once registration is open for the event, the Form has a section
"Are you planning to attend as a PC or NPC? *

  • PC
  • NPC

Just select NPC and you're all set.


Well, also fill out the food section.

As one of the moms, yes the chapter allows small ones. I'm not sure what age they're allowed to actively play though. Julius and Harley Quinn are only just over a year, so the rule is that anyone holding a baby is a page.