High Ogre advice needed

This may seem like a silly question, however I'm new so I'm willing to look silly in the pursuit of knowledge.

I am interested in creating a High Ogre as my first character. The main thing holding me back from doing it is the makeup. I'm just wondering how annoying it is to wear the makeup for what amounts to days on end? Also, how strict are the marshals on the all exposed skin part of the requirements?


There's no really good way to tell how annoying it will be, because it depends on the makeup you use and your own personal skin's tolerance. I know a lot of the full makeup races tend to work that full skin coverage by working appropriately colored compression shirts into their garb, which is what I did for my panther Sarr.

Best advice is to throw on the makeup and see how you tolerate it before putting the character on the books, although if you're a brand new player you will be given the opportunity to fully rewrite your character after your first event, so if the makeup doesn't work for you it isn't a permanent fixture.
Marshals tend to be pretty strict on the makeup requirement. Though, as Chris pointed out, you can use clothing in various ways to reduce makeup need. The other thing you should practice is wearing tusks. I had to do a tusk role for a weekend (plot NPC) and I had extremely painful blisters within 24 hours.



Seattle Staff
As a fellow heavy-makeup race, here's my advice.

If makeup is holding you back, don't do this race, unless you're going to use masks instead.

While simpler than some kyn/sarr makeup, there's still going to be annoyances to it unless you genuinely enjoy what you're going for. You don't want to find yourself regretting your choice a few months, a year, two years down the road.
Thank you, I appreciate the thoughts and advice. I will have to try some makeup out and see how I deal with it before I do much more planning.

Krystina F

I don't play a full make up race due to having super sensitive skin, but if you do go with it (because some of the make ups I see out there are just amazing...) make sure you get stuff that makes your face happy. Use a primer under your make up if you have to, and use a good cleanser and moisturizer afterwards when you remove it.

But yes, definitely see how you do with it before you commit. There's a few different ways you can do tusks too. So that is another thing to look into to see what's going to be most comfortable for you for a full weekend of game play!


Oregon Staff
Your mileage may definitely vary, but if you have skin made of rhino leather like I do, you can get a pretty decent coat done that will last you an entire event in the rain. First, spray yourself with a generous amount of barrier spray. Then paint your yellow on. You can use an orange to blend and contour. Then use another generous amount of barrier spray. With this technique I was able to sleep in my makeup, only really beefing a touch up on Sundays.

As for skin other than the face, I basically covered up, including thick leather gloves. Otherwise, use a yellow base clothing.

Tusks: I cannot recommend friendly plastic enough. You heat it in warm to hot, but not boiling, water and it becomes clear and malleable. There are some good tutorials on YouTube.