Highlights from May 31- June 2!

I know lots of folks shared in the discord but I didn’t want to flood it with my massive walls of text more than I had. So restarting and doing it here!

Favorite Points I remember:

1. Blue getting pitched into a leadership role: Becky has never done this either I must admit in all my LARPing time so was interesting that I somehow have a “crew” and was given tasks to do with them! Blue also was at a loss and flailing while going “Someone is insane for this!” The support though whenever it was said gave the warm fuzzies, even if Blue still considers people insane for it given later issues on the Kin Mod.

2. Dissection: Getting to play out dissecting a wolf to actually figure out biological issues was fun. Was only PC’s there but was still awesome to be mildly grossing people out. Totally going to make a kit for this kind of things now!

3. Blue’s Back Reactions: People getting to see Blue’s scarred up back and the reactions were awesome! Gideon won on the “Whoa!” he immediately said. I was wondering if anyone was going to get to see it at all and then the downpour happened and it was like “well people get to see it now!” Always good to know I can get the appropriate effect. Creator preening achieved!

4. Tavern Crash: While not really a mod or anything it’s a testament to how much I was running around doing that I crashed hard in the tavern and slept for like 30 minutes I think. I was out enough not to know people looking to pick my pocket or Cyn looking for me. I haven’t napped at an event in ages so cookie points on that!

5. Kin Mod: Oh my god the complete cluster **** that was. It perfectly illustrates why Blue doesn’t think she is capable of being a leader. And now she waits in terror for fall out! Whee! Trying to remember and manage everything and getting a crash course in badness though was fun for the shenanigans of the npc’s!

6. Chaos Mod Nap Time: My poor legs! It was so hard not to move or to only move a little bit so as not to be caught. Teaches me to pay more attention to how I sit but man I missed my drenched knee pads so much on that! Trellis being evil with comments that were going to make me giggle did not help! Least we lived, it’s a win!

Joseph Smith

My top 5:

5: The realization that a 90 point slay is probably overkill in most instances.

4: Lighting the stoop.

3: Being offered a title and being like "...hmm. Maybe. I'll think about it."

2: Helping inspire the group after the failed Chaos portal mission for a second try.

1: "Take me seriously. I'm wearing an underwire for a hat."



Dear Becky, thanks for getting this party started!

There were so many things I enjoyed about this weekend.

1) Howling at wolves with Blue in the forest. I believe in you, Blue! You'll become a leader of great renown, I KNOW IT. #kinforpresident
2) Becoming a Pride initiate (!!!) ^_^, I'm a little CUB now, YAY!
3) Everything about interacting with Kierra as GRETA.
4) Going on a TOP SECRET HEIST MISSION. I was defeated in battle and Collette did a sprinting leap over me with her magic healing awesomeness and saved me like a badass. Watching Mike's NPC argue and fight with Ardos and things going siiiiiideways.
5) "My coffee is cold"
6) Jote now considers Yonkie her town rival. Getting the drop on Yonkie with a cute lil' flower for his hat. Lukas and Ardos helping me randomly best Yonkie made my heart smile.
7) Placing flowers into Gaffel-Tree's beard with Lilith
8) Lukas's new armor was epic
9) Rushing with Val and other adventurers to the Healers Guild when the Oni controlled folks attacked. I lost my flowers I ran so fast!
10) The chaos portal battle. Trellis had the best commentary. Playing dead was so hard! That fight was intense, it was cool to fight along side lots of people.
11) The battle on the mountain was a great time. Chris was hilarious, as whatever he was. I was like, "Are we friends? Do I have to fight you? I DON'T KNOW."
12) Anette!!! It was so wonderful to see you again! <3
13) Listening to any of Lou's NPCs

There's probably more I'm missing. I just heart you all so much!


My highlights

1. The whole Madness mod.
2. Swirling vortex
3. Chris crawling out from under a bunk like a zombie with no legs and then slowly crawling back the way he came. It was awesome.
4. Gaffelden. Just in general. That dude is hilarious.
5. The mod with the Hob's in it.
6. Every Ko interaction I had this weekend. Travis put so much effort into everything and his descriptions. It made me so jazzed I could not be more happy. I cannot thank him enough for the past 9 years of this plot.
7. Rolling and possibly getting a fear to the colour purple and all of us realizing that would straight up ruin everything.
8. Yonkie's long jump. "Naomi, can you clear a path?' SURE CAN. I'm impressed with the jump he made considering all the armour he was wearing.
9. I think I got to interact with Chad more IG this weekend than I have in a few years. It was delightful.
10. Banradi bee lining for the waystone to leave me behind. Jerk :p
11. Walking to back to the cabin late Saturday night and realizing that even though I was tired, I didn't want the event to end. I haven't wished for a long weekend event in awhile.

Thank you so much to Plot and all of our magnificent NPC's! I was sad that I didn't interact with Lou at all, but I know he was doing awesome things for other people. I had a lot of my own thing going on this weekend and it was wonderful for me. Thank you so much for everyone who indulged my plot/missions.

Thank you to Brigit and Joe for being awesome Tavern keepers. I'm sorry about the 'shaved bat' comments Brigit. Also, loved the veggie chili. Nom. Also...sorry about my coffee fiasco.

I missed out on getting to interact with a lot of other players this weekend but it sounds like you guys had a blast and I look forward to hearing all your stories!



South Michigan Staff
I had a seriously great event. I was pretty nervous about it, especially coming into it completely blind with my build, but the emotions that I felt throughout (before, during, and after) are some that I hadn't felt in a while, which only made me even more excited.

1. Experimenting with new makeup
2. Spending time with Red & White
3. Everything Ko related, from emotional pleas on Friday to multiple perspective discussions on Saturday, etc.
4. Getting to flesh out and refine my conspiracy theory
5. "Bickering" the entire time with Collette
6. Having no guidance on any of the creation/planar magic duality and how to fix things, but slowly gathering information & theory crafting.
7. The Distortion Mod
8. Having a few minutes alone in the tavern with Taios and Ardos.
9. The Madness Mod
10. Ditching Naomi to prove a point



Chief Technology Officer
South Michigan Staff


South Michigan Staff
My turn then.

Again I know it comes from staff... but I had a great event. This was a really roleplay heavy event for me, spelled with a capital H and like 10 wow emojis. Most of which I cannot speak in detail of course, but you know who you are.

-Lets get the obvious one out of the way: Ko.
I've played Ko the entire time we have been running this game. He evolved from that random noble that lived far away that might eat babies and we might have to "fix" that... to somehow grandpa busted leg. I'm humbled that I get to personally represent something that the players have enjoyed all this time. This event was a big deal for me in both personal one on one RP, to the greeting I got upon my very late arrival Saturday night to present his favor, to catching up on current events/issues. Wow. I honestly don't feel worthy of some of the feelings Ko receives. I'm certainly never going to complain about it though. ;)

-Friday night in the dark. That mod felt just the way I hoped it would. Thank you players for taking it easy on our faces in the super dark. Thanks to Mutt and Taios for crossing the line and NPCing it. The discovery of the light effect was an awesome moment, the tactics used were great.

-Madness mod. I'm sorry the effect didn't pan out entirely as planned but the feeling of that creepy dangerous place I think still came through. Chris made it sooo much worse and I love him for it. Players really stepped it up on the RP in there, all of them, you could feel it. I learned quite a bit more about the subtle light effects and sound implementation. I was satisfied, but I'll do better next time.

-In game logistical and personal chat with Joe and Lukas. I enjoy the oog world planning, it just makes everything feel so much bigger out there. Its also gratifying when a player remembers the interconnections of said large world and find those spiderweb links we don't point out. Thank you.

-Collette and Roddy going all Honeymooners with their role play... "One of these days Roddy.... one of these days... bam! Straight to Vacuum." The into to anomalies fight was intentionally weird and the mechanic crazy but you guys rolled right into that madness and quickly. Well done. It only gets weirder. :D

-The mobilized pride when the implosion took place. Saw them coming back from Monster camp and said out loud "I know where they just went" to everyone totally puzzled around me.

-Timing it perfectly so that I stepped out in "real summon time" for Ardos. Doubt I am ever going to be that cool again.

-Mike playing the Fae douche. The conversation about "just let me break your legs and this will all be over" made me as a golem nearly do a spit take laughing.

-Mummies. I had nothing to do with any part of this. While I was waiting for the on deck mod to arrive I watched them and I don't think I have enjoyed a show like that in a long time. KaaaaAAAAAALLLLLLIIIIIIII MMMMAAAAA!!!!
"**** who has that brass pidgeon or whatever!?"

-Players mobilizing fast in the major downpour to help protect our mod pavilions. Thank you thank you.

Cory - Our captain america of NPCs. He keeps marching along even when he is exhausted. Never gets discouraged.
Hanna - A first timer to both LARP and to Role-Play, hit the ground running like she had tires. Even put up with the truly stupid levels of conversation in Monster Camp as sleep deprivation sets in. (again, apologies)
Kierra - I'm really glad you came to NPC with us. You did a phenomenal job.
Mike - Always happy to have him out, takes whatever madness we happen to be hurling around and just rolls with it easy like he is some kind of multi-decade veteran of larp.

-Brigit and Joe. You outdid yourself with the food this weekend. Many compliments were aimed your way and rightly so. Thanks so much for keeping us alive in style this weekend.

Despite the downpour I felt it was a great event. In fact the weather was amazing with the heat lightning and cooler winds until those moments. Thank you everyone for coming out!