Hobbling help

I realized much to my dismay that the Hobbling race best fits my character concept and I have been battling the idea of sideburns ferociously. That bushy texture would drive me insane! I was wondering if I could have braided sideburns. My plan was to use braided hair extensions and to stick them down in front of my ears and then to let them hang down a few inches below my chin and i would make the ends curly like a beard. would this communicate the idea of sideburns well enough to identify my character as a hobbling? The rest of my hair is very short, by the way, so they would stand out and not just look like a hairstyle.

norman b

So something that has caught on big time is getting costume mustaches. Cut them in half and adhere them in front of your ears. They aren't super bushy and they aren't very annoying. Others may have better suggestions.


I went to joanns, found a fur that matched my hair as closely as I could, and asked for a sample. They'll cut a 2 inch strip for you for free. Then I cut a couple pieces to a size and shape I like, put a couple layers of latex on the back, and good to go.
Thank you guys for the help, but I can't even handle the texture of real mustaches. I asked about the braids because braided is just about the only way that I can handle synthetic hair being near my skin. I have hyper sensitivity disorder so there are just some textures that I can't stand. The faux fur idea might work, but it would have to be a very particular type of faux fur. Most of the stuff I touch in fabric stores, I really don't like.


I'm sure if you have a hyper sensitivity disorder you can contact your chapter and see if you could get away with just makeup sideburns (if you use a natural sponge to apply and a couple colors that match your hair and highlights you can make them look reasonably realistic from a few paces away- I did this in theater alot- as I have no facial hair- and can't grow any. Lol) - or they would work with you that keeps to the spirit of the game but allows you to participate in a way that doesn't aggravate your sensitivity.

I know in the rules it says bushy sideburns but if a player has a sensory disorder (those are dreadful disorders to deal with- my brother has them and you have my sympathy Crossbow-Crafter.) and that Player has their heart set on playing a hobbling-
then I'm sure your local chapter would work with you on that- I'd just send them a message before you delve too deep into creating this hobbling character- so if for some reason they say no- you could switch to a different race.

If I'm stepping out of line @ Marshals/Moderators- just let me know
Thanks, but I'm really just looking for feedback on the braid idea that I had. If it doesn't work, then I'm probably not going to bother with hobbling at all.
Talk to your local. Because while I would say 'No' just like I would for anyone that wants to play a Kyn that is flesh toned and doesn't want to wear the makeup requirement, they might not share my thought process.


So this is one of those borderline cases that I would talk to your local marshal team about. Braided facial hair tends to be a racial makeup for dwarves, while only sideburns is racial makeup for hoblings. There are so many different variables that unless I saw what you were doing I can't give you a cut and dried answer. Things like length, presentation, area of coverage and so on would determine whether I gave it the go ahead or not.


Talk to your chapter. I know I've been told that pulling my hair in front of my ears and ornamenting it would be fine if I want to go that route as it follows the same rules theory of dwarves with real beards.
I would like to say that I have seen a hobbling at hq that had long side burns... So much so that I thought he was a dwarf... And I heard other people refer to him as a dwobbling. But yeah, ask your local chapter I'm sure they'd work with you.