Lanna Rose

To all who were in Dragonheart,

In these times of trials and tragedy we all have worked very hard to over come them. We must continue along this path as we try to find a solution to the problems we currently face.

Our Queen and King have both been absorbed into these shadows. We cannot mourn their loss. We must pool our knowledge of them. We must find a way to destroy them and return our rulers to their rightful places so that we can give hope to our people.

That being said I would like to end this with hope.

The lands of Blythdale are reclaimed. The jungle has been irradiated from the lands. Myself, Sir Garathon, Sir Khorwhyn, Sir Johnothan, Domonic, Rowen and Felonious are all currently in either Dragon Heart or the remains of Two Towers.

We have survivors in Two Towers that could use aid if it is able. They have been living of minimal supplies for two years. If you are able to come this way we could use the aid.

With all my heart, I want to thank you to all who were in Dragonheart. Without your aid we would never have been able to do what we did.

If you have any questions please reach out to me or any other members of the former court of Blythdale.

Dame Readella Taurasan
Lady Regent of Blythdale
Knight of the Order of Foundation