How do I get in contact with the owner?

Discussion in 'Utah: Out of Game' started by J'rajj, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. J'rajj

    J'rajj Newbie

    My friends and I donated $60 to the utah fundraiser, I've emailed utah logistics at almost 2 weeks ago and still havent heard back.
  2. p.richard

    p.richard Scholar Owner Utah Staff

    That would be me. Send me a private message here and we will get everything figured out.

    Paul Iverson
  3. Freyir

    Freyir Newbie

    Hey there,

    Sorry about missing your email, im a bit behind on Alliance stuff due to rl.

    However, if you donated to our chapter your gobbies have been applied. Your items must be cleared with plot/paul.

    - Alliance Larp Utah Logistics

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