How is everyones winter?

ahh Dan...something we agree upon...the weather...

I can honestly say that the lack of sweating, lack of bugs, lack of sunburn possibilities and lack of notbeingabletotakeenoughlayersoff is VUNDERBAR! :cold: LOVIN IT
Haha. Yeah, I agree. It's a great break from that blasted ball of flame. You guys get any snow yet? We're covered here in Charlestown.
I dont know about u all but ITS FREAKIN COLD OUTSIDE!! :cold: :cold: :cold: :cold: :cold: :cold: :cold: almost as cold as it is inside my house
and yeah i has the itch to play again allready.


I too have the itch for next season, especially seeing all this blasted snow! That and it is probably going to be my last season of LARPing here or anywhere for quite a few years. Unless I missed something and there is a LARP within a couple hours drive of Lubbock, TX. But merry christmas eve to everyone and Happy Holidays!