How to Speak Ogre?

So just started an ogre character and this is my first non-human character. As I was reading the rule book, I stumbled upon a section titled Languages. It said you would just have to know the with that I want to learn Ogre. Does anyone know it and can teach it to me or at least send me a packet with it? If no one has started the language I have some ideas.

- David


If I remember correctly, that basically means if you know a non-English language, and want to make that the language of your non-human character, you are free to do so (with Plot's approval if you want to make it Official™) - it can just be the language of your character's specific Tribe/Family/Village, etc. - it just CANNOT apply to EVERY non-human race in the chapter of that type because not everyone will know another out-of-game language, much less a specific one of your choosing.

There's no "Ogre" language.
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