How'd we do 25 - 27th

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for making me feel welcome this past weekend – I had a blast! Y’all are hysterical and crazy in the best way possible. :)

Many thank yous to the NPC Plot & Co. for answering an absurd amount of questions about plot and rules. I felt welcome from the moment I got there, thank you for making me feel like part of the team. Thanks for your encouragement and knowledge!

Thank you to all the PCs that I got to RP with, be a big ol’ goof with, and exchange unintended blows to soft spots. Another big thank you to all the PCs that corrected me on my flubs with grace and patience - reading the rulebook only gets one so far and it can be a bit overwhelming at times. Thank you for making the transition easier.

Thank you to all that helped NPC this past weekend. It was a great opportunity for me to get to meet you all and not just the end of yer boffers/packets! I had so much fun running around with everyone. One last thank you to the player playing the bear-kin (Knot I believe? Apologies for not catching your name) for your advice and giving me some combat practice during a brief moment of downtime – it was very beneficial!

Thank you all again for a great weekend, I can’t wait to play with y’all again!
Please see my email where I say mean things about all the PCs, NPCs, and Plot people.

No but really, good event. Thanks to everyone who puts so much effort into making sure we all have a good time.
First thing's first, Plot Team you're killing it. I will never forget, rolling into town with a group of 5 low level PCs and being attacked by undead. It started out slow enough, one attacked, we took it down, then another came shambling up, and before you knew it another. As our eyes adjusted a little more to the dark, of course here come two more working their way towards us. Before we knew it Stevie was down and we were making a full fledged retreat as our new players were just about to **** their pants and all I could think of were quotes from Night of the Living Dead. *******. Epic. It wasn't a **** smash, it wasn't a cake walk, it had the perfect balance of moderately difficult crunchies in a decently sized horde. Beyond just that encounter, going to fight bugs with Mathis was an adventure in itself when we got overrun with the monkey wrench warriors who swung eights.

If I could make any sort of complaint it would be that you guys having more NPCs would obviously benefit you tremendously, but that's not always in your control. Keep in mind that I'm willing to NPC for you guys pretty much whenever and my roommate (Chris Blazy, he was the one crunching fire elementals with us, and he played the Fire Lord on the next thing we did) says he should probably be game most of the time too. It's not a huge deal by any means, you guys either have the man power or you don't, but don't feel bad about asking some PCs to switch sides from time to time. We might not always say yes, but I'm hoping there are enough of us that realize that if you need people, saying no will impede everyone's fun, not just our own.

NPCs, you guys did great! It's always a pleasure to pull a Benedict Arnold and bash some friendly faces with you.

The following sentences in parentheses will be translated versions of the prior English statements for GJ. [brackets are for sidenotes]

GJ and Alison, you guys are doing just as well (You are the law). I don't really have any suggestions right now, because nothing really comes to mind (I am not the law). But the good things I've seen are as follows: keeping up with the needs of your players, coming up with interesting LCO effects that sound like they would genuinely improve the game and bouncing them off of your PCs, mastering logistics with marginal experience and Brigit MIA, being helpful to new players and going so far as to make some new characters of your own to play with them [I really appreciate that one on a personal level, btw], and all the endless **** that you guys do that I don't have enough room to post here (You are still the law [seriously]). I'll try to think up some **** you fucked up and let you know (I am the law?).

I'll do my best to update this as new things come to mind.

Three weeks cannot pass soon enough. Miss you fuckers.
Since this was my first event I don’t really have much to compare to but I enjoyed this past weekend immensely. The difficulty of the creeps we were fighting was difficult enough to make me debate whether we were going to make it through the next wave, which made the mods really fun and satisfying to complete.

NPCing was a blast as well not only because of rolling some badass creeps but it was a great way to learn the game and understand what is going on. I really liked how on the orc war mod there a lower difficulty part was for the newer players as well as a more difficult one which made it seem like us lower players really contributed to a more major plot aspect.

One means of improvement might be trying to utilize more of the campsite for mods when there are enough NPCs as well as more moderate weather. Overall my expectations for this past event were greatly exceeded well done plot team and NPCs. Also don’t hesitate to ask for NPCs more often I really enjoyed NPCing and realize how much more you can do with just a couple more NPCs.

I want to start with a giant thank you to our plot team. You guys continue to put so much time and effort into creating a diverse and detailed world and it really shows. You are the heart of our chapter and I cannot thank you enough for your determination in making South Michigan a great chapter to play in!

Thank you to all of the PCs who came out last weekend to support our chapter. I saw so many great costumes and had some awesome interactions with many of you. We had a lot of new players at this past event and I saw many seasoned players helping them out and welcoming them into our community. I also appreciate everyone’s patience while getting through the arduous task of logistics. GJ and I were under the gun and everyone gave us kind words and assistance in getting through it.

A doubly huge thank you to everyone who came out to NPC this weekend. It was terribly hot out and you all worked your butts off! It is not easy to go go go when the weather is miserable but you all kept at it in the name of entertaining the PCs while keeping smiles on your faces. You hard work is appreciated!

There are a few issues I would like to address here and will address again at the game. There were many times that I noticed PCs having OOG conversations that lasted for quite a while in IG areas. Although we are ALL guilty of this at times, I would really like our chapter to strive to keep OOG chatter to a minimum. During lulls in the action, it is especially easy to slip into OOG conversations (I know this first hand) but we all have to work on finding something else IG to do with that time. Play some dragon poker, role play with someone you don’t know very well, ask a friend for pointers on fighting styles, go rouge a cabin….

I also noticed cell phones being used in IG areas. I totally understand that sometimes people NEED to have their phones on them at all times. I ask that if you need to make a call or text that you do so in OOG areas. Also, please keep cell phones on silent or vibrate.

Overall, I felt that the event was great! We have some things we need to work on as a chapter but I am excited to move forward as a community in making South Michigan the best chapter EVER! Everyone’s hard work and dedication to the game continues to amaze me and I am proud to have South Michigan as my home chapter! :wub2:
Thank you all! I had a great time and my daughter did too. You guys did a great job. I came away from your event smiling and laughing. Thanks guys!