HQ 2015 opener Favorites!


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Heya true believers !
If you could please post your favorite moments from our opener on either side of the fence!!

Edit: yup it was a typo. This guy was tired. And the chicken Irina ate looked awesome!
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I dunno if that was a typo or a deliberate reference to Irina's dinner, but either way I approve.

Edit: You should have left it as-is. It was comedy gold!
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So...um...yeah....Favorites from HQ Opener:

Meeting new players, and getting some new recruits out of it!

Mages Guild mod that really felt like a bunch of mages belonged on it.
**The despair of the proud would be golems when all the celestial casters realized they had a ton of Subjugates that came down in a torrent. Your mechanical sorrow is sweet to me!

Tactics on night 2 of dead walk. Reaction team ftw!

Hearing, if not seeing, Ruis beat the crud out of Vox.

Successful negotiations

Big Game hunting Sunday afternoon

See you all in June!

Joe Siegel
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It's always tough to put all the thoughts together. It's not a bad thing by any means. I had a blast the entire weekend from open, until close. There was many occasions that reminded just how awesome of a game everyone has worked to create, and run. :)

Justin Coggin, you broke Vincent so many times as your vulturekin. You were, in game, comedy gold! I still find myself giggling over your antics

Sir Landcharmer fighting! Impressive and always fun to watch

Sha'necht plot! Creepy and fun as ever!

Roleplay with Grimm. Kyle, you are always a highlight of my event, when we get to butt heads around the corner.

Talking about firearms with D. :p I hope you really enjoy the new night vision scope.

Dead walk night 1: disaster
Dead walk night 2: clean sweep

NPCs! You folks, and plot are always on fire, and I can't thank you all enough for your energy and performance.

Roleplay with Simon, and Vincent. Sometimes, you can get Vincent's thick skull to learn something.

Vox out right calling Vincent a necromancer.

the breaking of everything! I'm down 2 magic items, and a bow :(

Everything Ithaca!

The chip game Vincent played with the biata NPC.

Whoever said, "we don't heal this one." While I was bleeding out. I have no idea who it was but I found it comedic because of my character's actions.

Vincent, and what felt like the social court(in game judgies) after the end of last season. It was a challenge I gladly accepted. There's mistrust in a character that would normally behave like a child, and just run away. But for the purposes of game, Vincent was there. So it was great learning to create new angles, and approach things differently as my character.

Wonderful weekend
Wonderful everyone

Thank you all again,
Jeremy Rogers


This was easily the most involved (and thus best) event I have been to thus far. There’s so much that I’m not sure where to begin…

So let’s just get the most awesome thin g out of the way. Ash Forest, you guys are amazing. We were missing a few members this event, but even still, role playing with the team is the best. Simon and Ezri are always there for support and guidance and Kai… well you are probably Cyno’s closest friend. He will always be there for support and counsel and he knows he can expect it in return.

Cyno the diplomancer. The celestial mage mission was awesome for many reasons, but for Cyno the best part of it might have been being able to avoid conflict with the ape-kin who made that cave their home through reasoning and bargaining. NPC’s on that mod, you guys made it for me. Also the lesser fey curse conga line.

Cyno is just starting to get a taste of what it means to be important and a leader. Being pulled in many directions by multiple people and trying not to cause conflict is hard.

I got to role-play with several people in-depth this event, a few of whom my interactions had been limited with up to this point. Just a short list of the people he had important moments with: Vicky, Rayna, Larien, Ruis… I know there were others.

Vox. The trial was interesting of course, but conversations with him while waiting for obliteration were intense. His arguments were disconcerting to Cyno at best and sickening at worst. Also the scrap between Vox and Ruis was nerve wracking. You guys are the best.

New players, PC and NPCs. It was great to interact with you all and see some new faces around. As for NPCs, I really enjoyed some of the characters you came out as. The sheriff was of course awesome as was the pig-kin with the wizard hat whom I helped teach. And vulture-kin. Enough said.

There’s plenty more I’m sure that I can’t think of off the top of my head. Cyno is really starting to develop I think and I look forward to growing with him. Thanks to everyone involved in this game for making these experiences and lasting memories. You guys rock!

- Jordan Krebs


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Watching Ithaca and Baron Garathon grumping/yelling real hard over that static noise made me giggle so big on Friday night. Thanks for playing it up, guys.

Okay, so. I don't like to toot my own horn because that's lame, but I ran a spectacle that emptied the entire tavern and it felt real good.

Jovunn Rannveig: Full Time Vra. Really short, but really heartwarming. I was really, really glad someone went and grabbed Ulthoc for that. Thanks for all your tasty tears, Nordenn and Larien.

That Time That Aisling Killed a 2000 Body Titan Redcap Named "Om Nom Cray Cray" With A Throwing Star.

Brittington mutiny mod and giving Prolon some feelings. Brittington in general and Abbath's First Hug (thanks, Bill!).

Bein' the Registrar. Fun fact: while waiting for PCs, I may have written the names from Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire" in the Death Note. Oops.

"What do I see?"
"...What do I see?"


Hey guys!

I had a great time visiting the event on Saturday. It was wonderful to see everyone, and meet some new folks.

-My new pal Steven who played Arthur the Apprentice rules. He had some awesome improv for the Blacksmith module Geoffrey wrote. Fun times. Thanks to Geoffrey for asking me to participate.

-Enjoyed being inappropriate bird man at the trial. Alex Koziak is a great sport.

See you soon!

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Flyaway Bird

Thank you Plot for a fabulous weekend and thank you NPCs for tirelessly making it happen!

- I have to commend the entire player population of this event for absolutely phenomenal roleplay from open to close. Everyone was so in-character that I never felt the immersion start to break down, and that is a rare and wonderful thing. Also, the detail that went into people's roleplay! History lessons, funny stories, character quirks, romances, conflicts, tea geekery; the world and its inhabitants felt so tangibly real and nuanced this weekend. Set an excellent bar for the season!

- CHICKEN KIEV BROCCOLI CHEDDAR SAUCE GARLIC MASH. I have a habit where, if I'm eating food I love, I can't stop talking about it because every bite is a new moment of happy. This was one of those dinners. I heard y'all's steak tips were great, but CHEDDAR SAUCE. I ate too much. I regret nothing.

- Feeding Ezri the moment she walked in and hearing later that it was a bad-mood-breaking move that probably saved lives. Hooray food!

- Larien, my amazing Rom seester. We are a saucy, dirty-joking force to be reckoned with!

- Spirit roleplay. The fact that the two Rom were the ones who could see every spirit was cool enough to begin with, but the plot surrounding them is very engaging and I'm excited to continue pursuing it. Also, I know how tough it is to pretend the person next to you isn't there, so big props to the other players who dealt with Irina and Larien talking to thin air all weekend.

- FREAKING OUT about Jovunn, then discovering there are two separate strains of spirit plot and that Jovunn is attached to the nice one. Crisis averted.

- Messing with asitikir-ed Kiba. That's the second Sarr to lose their minds because they could suddenly see colour and Irina was the first thing they saw.

- Deciding to be a wingman and flirt with Aisling so Roman would step up his game. Don't think it worked. Come on man, get it together!

- Riddick! Healer Bros for LIFE!

- Somehow the idea of Irina fighting birds and taking their power turned into a thing OOG, which combined with the were-flamingo joke IG, and when goddamn Sean Chase walked into the tavern Saturday morning as his flamingo kin, Irina thought her destiny was finally upon her. Donna was sitting next to me and said she could actually feel me tense up a bit when the flamingo sat down across from me. Also, Sean's physicality as the flamingo was perfect.

- Emily's rat-or-possibly-possum kin. "My name's Velma! I have twelve babies!"

- Super intense familia roleplay with Joshua.

- Qualin deciding he could probably direct wave battles with his eyebrows.

- Dan being so tired Saturday night that his Murphy accent sounded exactly like Old Gregg. And the subsequent Old Gregg quote thread that appeared on my Facebook wall Monday morning.

- History lessons with Cedric, supplemented by Joshua and Scarn.

- JCoggs as the horrifically inappropriate vulture kin, and staring mortified at Vox when Rufus loudly asked "Who's gonna die around here?!"

- Ulthoc, Riddick and Paolo saying some really nice things about Irina that I think made me blush OOG.

- The real-life bunny that scampered through the final wave battle!

- Seriously, I can't say it enough: the roleplay. Tova, Grim, Ezri, Kar, Amaranthus, Ruis, Despona, the Unkindness, Kailani, Hogrim and everyone mentioned above. Whether it was a passing interaction or Serious Business, outstanding roleplay all around.

See you next month!


I made people cry!

Dat sloth kin tho. AND magician hat kin with nose!

The only working heater in the tavern, curled on it for hours.


Our NPCs were so sexy and amazing this weekend, as were our new PCs.

I wish I had seen the 6 foot baby, I only heard the call of "A SIX FOOT BABY" and knew I was missing out.

That sound was super comforting to me...until Kris explained how it was made....then not so much.

Everything Murphy and Castlebur Dawnb- err, Fizzlebeaf. Land sushi/mooshi.

ORANGE DRY SODA! If you have a hard day, you get as much soda as you want. That made it all better.

I can nuzzle nobles on the nose and get away with it. <--Ezri

This was an extremely emotionally stressful weekend for me/Jinx, but it felt so friggin' good when it all turned out. Not favorite: @#*&!! COLD!


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That Time That Aisling Killed a 2000 Body Titan Redcap Named "Om Nom Cray Cray" With A Throwing Star.
Om Nom Cray Cray threatened to turn me into a pie. That gets a throwing star to the face. (Aisling will be bragging about this for a LONG time - I love it so much)

Kick in the door mods make me so happy. Very fun way to end the weekend.

Loved all of the roleplay and getting to see and interact with all of you wonderful people. Hope to make it down again soon!


Finally decrompressed enough to start thinking in real life terms again. Vox is hard to play and lately he's become a bit more unhinged. I've been watching a lot of Dexter to try and understand the Sociopathy and I think this weekend nailed it a little too hard home for my brain to come out of easily. That said, holy hell this weekend was amazing.

There were so many moments this weekend that made it one of the best I've ever had so I'll try and capture some of the highlights.
  • Staying in character: I've never had an 'easy' time being a stone elf. Laughing and a smile are so natural on my face that being one is tough. For some reason, this weekend took zero effort to maintain the lack of them (Until the moment he started showing them off). Everyone did an amazing job keeping the mood going and at no point did I feel like the mood was breaking. Thanks to all of you who put in that extra effort to keep it in game!
  • Rufus. J.Coggs, you're a genius and your roles never fail to blow my mind with your characters. I wanted to become best friends with Rufus and show him around town for some tasty treats.
  • Castlebird and Murphy, Attorneys at Law. RP with you two was great and the look on Castlebur's face less than a minute after that first talk through was literally one of the top 5 Vox moments ever.
  • Wandering the Tavern with a noble 'escort' was hilarious. I was pulling every stop when it came to: "how can I piss everyone around me off because no one is going to do anything about it". I hope I succeeded with some of you. Vox: "Kogara... could you throw me over this tavern?" Simon: "You wouldn't make it to the ground in 1 piece!" Vox: "That's the idea?"
  • Getting to chill on Monster Desk and learn things. I really hope I can get the swing of that sooner rather than later.
  • Getting rofflstomped as Fardaniel in the mod. I've never played a card that big. I am so glad I thought: "Take the prison instead of blitzing all my defensives"
  • Getting rofflstomped as Fardaniel down by the rifer. I only ever played a card that big once and damn did I freeze in the heat of that fight against such a pillow party haha.
  • Last but not least, Dat Obliteration. I have never gotten so wrapped up in a moment where I was torn between: "look where my foot is going so I don't step in fire" and "continue mock fist fighting in full character" before. It was the safest it could have been with only one accident no worse on the surface than a mis-step during a stick fight. The RP with Cole/Erika was brilliant and really getting to play up Vox's insanity was amazing.
Such a great time. I look forward to a crazy year. Thanks to the rest of the NPCs, and to the players for giving me the best NPC experience of my life.



Thank you to plot for letting me roll out Loken for one final time. That was a nice bit of roleplaying and something I needed after not having played for a year. Its always easy to roll in a character folks know even if dead than it is to roll someone alive but barely known.
Meeting new adventurers during Sunday's breakfast, talking about how hard it is to loot things on the field and then just giving them both a gold because being new isnt always the easiest thing.
Meeting new people in general. The conversations had in the room while trying to stay warm were awesome.

I look forward to actually being able to get to more events this year.


In some ways this event felt like being in a washing machine spin cycle. Apparently I'm important or something lol. Half-events are rough. But there were some awesome bits:

1- To cure a mega case of cranking, Ezri is to be greeted with chicken Kiev served by gorgeous Romani ladies with intoxicating accents.

2. Ulthoc being awesome and adorable. Little things like getting my plate, to watching my back to running interference so I could eat in peace, even if that meant I couldn't eat with him. But my favorite was the last battle, as I ran to intercept some corsairs:

Grim: "Countess you have no backup!"
Ulthoc: "The f%&# she doesn't!"

When you've been doing this together for over a decade, you don't need words to communicate in battle anymore. ;)

The trial was mentally exhausting. Thanks Alex for being an good sport and omg Lauren with the tearful testimony!

Hoyce, I never want to have to go against you when it actually matters lol. "Hey, we've got this trial, then we're going to go do a thing, right? Right."

My self-appointed hype man. Oh Coggin I missed you. If you were aiming for a Disney-esque vulture, you hit it.

As always, my vert and tenne. You all keep me sane in the whirlwind, and I love you all.

I know there are more, but I'm about to go underground. Thanks HQ!


HQ Staff
What an amazing event. Plot is awesome. NPCs are awesome. Everybody is awesome. I’m probably gonna miss a whole bunch of stuff just because of what an amazing whirlwind my weekend was, but here goes!

Ash Forest. Love all of you 5ever, but I have to give a special shout out to Cyno. Kailani’s really come to rely on her marsupial for so many things, and watching you step up and get involved in things and otherwise stand your ground in so many ways both great and small throughout the weekend did my heart good.

[Redacted] plot. Turning a valuable piece of information into a pile of confetti and being unable to copy it down or share it with everyone who asked made Kailani so uncomfortable. More uncomfortable was that freaking sound, well done. Also, tag team comforting with Prolon was an unexpected and really organic and warm fuzzy roleplay. Kudos to Frisco and Sean, that was super cool.

Getting to experience firsthand just what being a noble means. I’m fairly certain there was a point in the weekend where I couldn’t exist for five minutes without hearing “Kailani, we need you!” It was exhausting and exhilarating all at once, with a side of “I need an adult I AM THE ADULT HELP” that was unbelievably fun to experience. Also, all of the other nobility that had my back is probably the only reason I didn’t collapse mid-event. You guys are fantastic.

I HAD DINNER WITH THE REGISTRAR. That was such a surreal encounter. Getting to meet King Broomis for the first time and fill him in on current events while also discovering the finer points of life and death. Also, cagey non-answers from the registrar for daaaays. Todd and Kris are the best.

Vox. Getting to explore the finer points of hate, or more specifically, realizing that hate isn’t a part of my character’s emotional repertoire. Your roleplay as that Vox is fantastically unsettling and seeing you finally let him go to that place that has been building up for so long now was amazing. Kailani is definitely memorizing shatters and destroys forever.

Ruis. There was so much amazing sister roleplay. The amount that Kailani is able to rely on her sister is astounding and likely responsible for why she is still sane.

Dat Obliterate. I have no idea why Kailani felt so obligated to be the one to cast it, but I am so, so glad that I pushed for that. The scene had such a slow, deliberate buildup to a very intense place, and there were a whole lot of emotions in that circle to feed off of. Cole and Alex are champs.

Ket. You know what you did. Kailani’s head is still spinning with “Wait, that’s a thing? What??” I can’t wait to see where it goes.

I’m probably forgetting something, because there were so many interactions with so many people that were all fantastic, but basically, EVERYONE IS THE BEST AND LARP IS THE BEST AND I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT GAME.


HQ Staff
Heya folks.

Bobby thanks for being a good sport after a whole bunch of "this is happening"

Ket and Grims relationship. Unquestioning trust and training in new things.

Kalaini for being awesome and the kind of knight we all want to be.

Ithaca for his sincerity during the trials

Geoffrey for throwing new stuff at *** in prices and seeing who can make the puzzle work.

Folks that dealt with my late night fooding. Sorry about the mess bill I owe you.

Donna for being epic

Kris and Frisco for being the beating heart of what made fun happen.

Amy for hanging in the barracks.

And other the other stuff I missed. Much love folks. I'll see you next month.


I was lazy for a week, but now here I am, about to tell you my favorites.

-I really have to say that being a bigger part of the plot staff was a really amazing experience for me. Having a hand in things, helping plan, do resource management, and setting up a schedule was just... awesome. I so look forward to helping out however I can in the future.
-Finally having the opportunity to run a mod I wrote. It was Collin's awesome idea, so I can't take all the credit, but being able to write the mod, set it up and marshal it was awesome. I think that even though we hit a few snags, we rolled with the punches and gave the PCs a pretty seamless experience. I'm really happy I got to do it, and for it to have such a positive response really means a lot to me. Brittington ain't playin' around.
-Friday night Deadwalk was awesome. It really had a feeling of danger and threat. Seeing Ithaca on the battlefield was awesome. It felt good being back out on the field with a polearm.
-All the new NPCs, who were amazing. They did exactly what we needed them to, there were few rules confusions, and they all seemed to be having a good time (which is the important thing)
-All of the interesting lines in the sand being drawn with Sha Nacht plot. I'm digging it.

Overall, I'm really happy with the opener, and I'm really glad I could be a part of it. I'm stoked for the year, guys!