Hq June event Pre Reg.


HQ Staff
This thread is for pre-payment and pre-logistics
Final Pre registration is due Monday before the event. All players paying afterwords will be 70.00 at the door.
1. Danielle Darwell
2. Kyle Spriggle
3. Frank Coyne
4.Mike Gaurino
5. Susie Gaurino
6. Ben Engel
7. Craig Fiske
8. Jon M
9. Ryan Levelle
10. Sam O
11. Seth Pew
12. Dustin Springer
13. Adam Cushion
14. Paul Boyle
15. Albert lamonda
16. Angel Belford
17. Kate Fierens
18. John Wroebel
19. Stephen Duetzman
20. Gabe obermeyer
21. Jordan Krebs
22. Joe Siegel
23. Alex Kracht

1. Will Mullaly
2. Ken Swartz
3. Morigan House
4. Jim Sailor
5. Sailor Scout
6. Sailor Scout
7. Sailor Scout 3
8. James Pocklington
9 Ricky Hooper
10. Jeremy Rogers
11. Bobby SToel

Private rooms: (available by donating 40.00 if you have also paid for the event. First come first serve.)

Earth: Danielle Darwell
Fire:Frank Coyne.
Water: Craig Fiske
Spirit:Ben Engel
Air: food committee

Cabins: ( require players to have paid. 4 are required to request a cabin)

Pegasus: Blythedale
Wyvern: Seth Pew and Crew
Gargoyle: Vanguard
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Just paid for:
- Mike Guarino event membership
- Mike Guarino to play Ketemycos Kailanos
- Susie Guarino event membership
- Susie Guarino to play Kialda Loa



Asheville Staff
Ryan L payed to PC Melimir
I'll register on the CMA after the official cutover at the end of the month!


HQ Staff
Dont forget to register on CMA


New Hampshire Staff
I would like to update my character to 2.0 as well as register for the event in the CMA, but my HQ database information is not uploaded into the CMA (or if it is its not set for my email address.


I also have an old/incorrect version of Kialda Loa at HQ in the CMA. I've emailed HQ logistics (and NH logistics, to get the proper updated version of Alda transferred to HQ for blankets/the event), but haven't heard a response. Is there someone I should contact other than logistics to help make sure the CMA is all set up? Thanks!


It looks like there are two copies of "Kialda Loa" in the CMA -- one homed in HQ, and one in NH, both associated with your name. You can go to the incorrect one and click "Discard this character", with the caveat it might require you to set the character's race first.

Regardless, whichever one you select during preregistration for an event is the one that will be printed & credited for the event, even if the incorrect one still exists in the chapter.
Daniel Gelerman to PC as Tycho Marbury, Payment and annual renewal submitted.