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Hello PCs and NPCs and all things in between! Your fellow players, plot, npcs and staff would love to know what parts of the event, interactions and moments that you really enjoyed from our last event. Please share them!


All of the fun :) I had an awesome, albeit sleep deprived event, and here are some (but not all, cause my memory sucks) of my favorites:

-Sir Amaranthus and the exploding onion volcano
-Rifting out as I was talking about needing to be rifted to find a person
-Suddenly becoming on better terms with Quallin(I have NO IDEA HOW TO SPELL THAT RIGHT I'MSOSORRY)
-Watching Sir Amaranthus go through a large amount of emotions this event, both good and bad
-Becoming a human yo-yo with Dame Kailani.
-Standing in the Rain, and more importantly the timing of the rain coinciding with the Water Elemental helping
-Fan-dance balloon talk at stupid morning o-clock ;)
-Watching Prolon take charge on the field
-KAR KILLED HER FIRST PANTHERGHAST (Also mot likely not spelled correctly)(Thanks to everyone who let me use a ward, and fetching, and elemental aura)
-Completely disarming an undead and going "I'm Useful"
-Explaining the history of the Kyralia, and pondering on the fact that if Kar were to regress she would become an emotional blonde
-Slowly putting back all of the trust in stone elves that Vox broke by being a butt to people
-Prolon...just Prolon, it was really nice to have Prolon there, as Kar trusts him as a more capable, most likely preferable substitute of herself in most situations. If she's not there to make sure the court survives, he is :)
-Stone-elfing through the bards
-I swear I'll get clothing that doesn't flash people (some of you know what I mean, disclaimer:no actual boobs were exposed in the derping of this clothing)

I'm sure there are more, I just can't remember them at this time. :) Fun was had, Undead were killed, WOOT
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Flyaway Bird

Another fine event from the Ashbury crew. Thank you Plot and NPCs!

~ The continuing evolution of unexpected friendships.

~ Hilary repeatedly coming out in ridiculously gorgeous makeup as characters I specifically got to interact with. I am a lucky LARPer.

~ Garlic mashed potatoes. Yes it's a favourite every event. No I don't care. I will never stop loving them.


~ Zara! So happy to see Donna so happy! (And 16 Earth is no joke.)

~ Deciding pre-event that Irina hadn't read the tavern walls and didn't know about Sevaria's passing, so the reactions IG could be genuine. And they were. Ow.

~ Sir Amaranthus and the onion explosion!

~ The Phalanx Boys! Good to see you outside of Caldaria, my fine gentlemen!

~ Larien and Irina causing NPCs to have to call a mini-hold to confirm some plot details. "We didn't expect to get both of you at once! We figured we'd get one at a time, and thought 'Naaahhh, they'll never ask all that!'" SORRY GUYS AND ALSO THANK YOU!

~ Related to the above, getting actively involved in plot is weird and really cool!

~ Bonding with Kar, however briefly, and looking forward to doing more of that in the future.

~ Going on one of the crypt mods with an amazingly effective and beefy crew (I forget I'm level 30, okay?), getting to use the Book of the Dawn twice, but discovering to my great dismay that Silas's berserker blood mist had changed from a Magic carrier to an Arcane. Book in hand, Irina looks up to see Sir Theoden... and attempts to beat him senseless with said Book of the Dawn. Spoiler: it did not work.

~ Raaaaaaain. And the perfection of the timing of the rain matching the summoning of the Water Elemental.

~ The gaggle of healers repeatedly ending up on the front line during the first two thirds of the Saturday night fight, and looking at each other going "Why are we here? How did we get here? We're not supposed to be here!"

~ That Saturday night fight. Sweet Jesus. Utter chaos. I'm blown away that nobody rezzed!

~ Teaching Rupert's Game to a whole new generation. Sean commented afterwards that "People who've never met Rupert must think he's a lunatic", which is not an inaccurate description.

~ Squire Prolon L'ar. He and Irina don't always get on IG, but getting to watch mah man get into being on the noble path, command the battlefield and generally be a boss is really cool for me to watch OOG.

~ Ezri's gift. So incredibly flattered!

~ KET'S PARENTS! D'aaawww.

Maybe more later. Hope to see you at Deadlands, and looking forward to next time!
I'm not sure if I qualify as living anymore. Everything I know is pain and awesomeness from this weekend.

-"You deaf, son?"
-Vampires vs the Pamphlet of the Dawn
-Quartermaster promotions!
-"I'm on break" - "We're bringing Legion A in to clean up." - "You mean, I'm off break?"
-Damn them Kor'rin for stealing our stuffs! Grump, grump, grump....
-The Sevaria feels.
-Have you ever danced with the dragon in the pale moonlight?
-I got some beef to fizzle with you
-Silas, looking good.
-Watching Graven explode violently and hiding behind a chair in sheer terror.
-Organizing a giant military engagement and watching what the PCs do with ti
-I got my own personal goon squad! Yay! Love all the people I fought with as brutal as my arm hurts because of it.
-Pantherghast party!
-Collector's items!
-Thank you PCs! PCs are awesome.
-Thank you NPCs! My brothers and sisters in battle, I was proud of how quickly you picked things up and ran with all of it. As daunting as it was.

That's all I got. My brain has melted. Love you all. Catch you on the flipside...


I loved helping Hilary get into that make up, and also Britney. I loved getting to help them get into those characters.

I loved having to break that roleplaying challenge to confer with my NPCs so they knew all the plot points that I TOTALLY DID NOT EXPECT TO HAVE TO REVEAL YET. Damn it, I need to quit underestimating people and their willingness to TEAM UP ON ME TO ASK ME ALL THE QUESTIONS. Thank you for your patience while I had to do it.

Having people get involved in plot and get really into it with very little to go on.

The reaction to the party walking into the tavern and continuing was great. We really had prepared for "what if they jump you?"

Dave doing such a great job as the Duke of Cold and Hot Silver Sunday morning with like a five minute briefing, so we didn't have to pull Akiva away from PCing.

All of the great role playing I got to do, despite the withering heat of the outfits I was wearing.

I second Samara's GARLIC MASHED POTATOES. I would eat these every event. For every meal. If I ever win the dinner raffle, expect that I will be asking for garlic mash with whatever I ask for.


Public Relations Committee
My favorites are short and simple.

Dave D: we dueled all weekend as everything we played. You challenged my old bones like they haven't been on years. Thank you.

The Phalanx: I knew us finding a way to come together would be magic. Well done fellas.

Samara: You are alwaya a highlight of my game. The quiet moments Riddick and Irina share even in the chaos of wave battles are so much fun. (Thanks for the berserked back massage BTW. Lol)

Henry: talking and reminiscing about Riddick and Ryban was a great fun. It really helped remind me why I play this game.

Everyone else: this event rekindled a fire in me. I was sad because I was beginning to realize Riddick's story was over... But this weekend began a whole new chapter in the fantasy story that is his life. Thanks to each and every one of you who added to that.




I want to start by saying how ridiculously proud I am of my staff, my plot team, and our NPCs -- the people who (literally) busted their asses to deliver a fantastic weekend. Everybody put their heart and soul into it and it showed. The NPCs are the true heroes here, because wow, was it hot and gross, but they never stopped churning out entertainment.

This was the first weekend in a while that I had PCed Zara and I was a little concerned about figuring out what to do with her. Somehow, things just fell into place without a problem. It's the most fun I can remember having as a PC in a long, long time, but here are some highlights:

  • "Dude, I know.
  • "Rock of Corrheim, f***stick!"
  • "Eat a bag of laughing dicks."
  • Having a moment with Irina Friday night. Zara really admires her in a lot of ways she doesn't know how to verbalize, and that was a good moment to share.
  • Fighting alongside the likes of Sir Theodin and Riddick was really, really cool, and getting to know those characters afterward doubly so. For the first time in a long time, Zara felt legitimately effective and meaningful in and out of battle, and honored to know the people who have her back.
  • All the countless talks and moments with Prolon, from quiet and content to heavy and meaningful. At a time when Zara feels that all her friends are long gone, he presents a solid foundation and an interesting new direction for her. All of that roleplay was amazing, poignant, and frequently hilarious. Whoever says Prolon doesn't have a sense of humor must be mad.
  • Struggling to maintain a semblance calm the entire weekend when there was practically nothing but Chaos and Earth magic flying everywhere around her and through her. It was actually draining to roleplay but entirely worth it. Yay internal conflict and strife!
  • Getting to know Sir Grim better, coming to understand his motivations more, and being able to be helpful to those ends. When it comes to armies of Undead, Zara is more than happy to lend her expertise.
  • The Saturday night fight. Wow. It was grueling, exhausting, and tough; it was the kind of battle that forges or breaks bonds between characters. For a few moments, I was fairly certain that mission was going to be one way only. The fact that not only did they come back but not a single person resurrected speaks volume of the strength and skill that was present. Impressed is an understatement.
  • Encountering the Wyvern was a fascinating situation and conundrum. Mike G's makeup and roleplaying was so utterly top notch, I could not be happier about that.
  • In the same vein, pretty much everything Hilary ever freaking does is amazing. Her makeup as the Aral was so absolutely stunning, I couldn't stop looking at her. Holy crap.
  • Tom Wilson. TOM WILSON. I love this guy so much. Fighting him at every chance was an absolute pleasure, and I'm so glad he was my pantherghast. I need more of this! All the time!
  • Murphy! Zara needs to hang out with Murphy more often because not only is he hilarious and helpful, but he has a most pimping hat. That's all the reason she needs, really.
  • Frisco as the Senator was gloriously badass, frightening, and infuriating. What a great villain. I loved seeing him get misted and eventually dusted. That felt damn good.
This weekend was positively exhausting, and I loved every minute of it. Thank you to everybody who roleplayed with me and fought with (or against) me, and for those I didn't get to, there's always next month. I cannot wait to do it again.


Left early Sunday but I have to say this weekend was one of my all time favorites,hands down! In no particular order .....

-I love how intimate this weekend felt with the smaller amount of PCs. It really made you feel like the war front was stretched extra thin, I cant tell you how many times I was wishing we had "just one more shield" to plug a hole or " just one more magic armor " to stop an evicerate.
-Monster desk KILLED it this weekend. Every fight was filled with top notch statting !
- 75 packs of hooligan dire badgers
- peanut gallery commentary with Ro while Kar explains the origin of her people
-the genuine moment Grim and Udo had over an elemental blade
- Dude....I know
-the amazing zombie tron mod complete with derpy lich and the baller as fook lowbies! You guys ruled! The future of adventuring is in good hands.
-bag of laughing dicks
- "Zara are you ok? Your face is one of extreme pain and confusion..."
- feeling the smallest bit useful mini backpacking Riddick and Amarantus for the door fight
- "Honest Murphy"
- how awesome was the thunderstorm after summoning the water elemental?!
- operation "bird nest" with Irina as well as human impressions
-Actually getting to use my craftsman skill to get something done IG
- footing half the tavern dinner cost then looking at Valim..." Castlebur can never know !!"
-behind the scenes with Mike G as the Wyvern... he absolutely killed it !!
-Dave and Tom NPCs ... need I say more !?
- NPCs were absolute rockstars this weekend ! (Danm you blythdale kid with your shields !!)
-all things Riddick Dale
- Prolon telling a joke .... Murphy lost his mind
- I mean those garlic mashed potatoes right ?!
- Our AWESOME triage squad saturday night !
- Trap mod ! It felt sooooooo good to blow the roof off of that bitch !! ... litterally and figuratively

Edit: can we take a second to throw a few hundred lbs of praise at Erika for logistics ?! She absolutely nailed it !!

Im sure I missed 1000 more things ,but seriously you guys make me feel all warm and fuzzy n' shiz ....
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First off thank you NPCs and staff you folks really kept things going and made the event redic. Thank you players for being awesome and making this story bad ***.

1. My court. Folks we did it. Just.. Wow.
2. Don't bully a dwarf.. Never ends well
3. Option c's working with others to pull a rabbit out of our collective asses to save the day. Is water elemental.
4. The thunderstorm to follow the elemental and Grim and udo's discussion...dude I know
5. Speaking of Udo I dig that he's finding his place and has a wisdom out of no where.
6. Larien.. Super genius.. This lady is awesome and we are so lucky she is with us.
7. Rp with Irena and even little side convos. Those little moments make for awesome times.
8. Phalanx...told you guys I'd keep you busy.
9. Delegation. Grim is built to be support and an artificer not as Much a face stabby type. But I do love putting teams together and seeing others get glory. I enjoyed that
10. "Settlers of corrheim" we effectively had a resource mini game and it rocked.
11. Utilizing skills of others to get **** done. Thanks Murphy!

More later!

Flyaway Bird

A couple more I forgot!

~ Murphy and Irina as Papa and Mama Bird, inviting their chickadees to the centre of the fight to refit and cooing at them like overtired weirdos.

~ Irina discovering Murphy ALSO has a fabulous Human accent. Basically, Murphy is the best.

~ Sunday morning a bunch of us catch Amaranthus wrapping a piece of chicken in tin foil and scurrying away, and we decide he must be part raccoon. He humours us with a raccoon impression, cleaning his little people-hands. It was a cute throwback to the Deadlands event the week before.


HQ Staff
OK more...

Roleplaying with Zara. Being very sincere and direct and getting it in kind. Good stuff.

The tabletop stuff with Dave and the team. Stuff was intense and it set the tonw of "for us there may be no tomorrow"

The reaction from folks when they are like "oh its bad here" ....yup

Murphy doing that "ting" ...

The coronet thing..that..happened.

Keys parents. Glad plot rolled with that and tom and Hillary were awesome

Team lempur was great

Irena being the sage advice "so is this slavery?"
"I hate not being able to say and having to keep secrets" yup

Thank you all for an awesome time

Plus how bad *** was gwendara!?! You guys know christine did a damn liver transplant that takes 10 hours..half way through the patient wasn't viable and to keep the liver they rolled in the next patient and she did that whole surgery took a cat nap and came up just to play with you folks..and mebbe me.

Also Gwen training ducal soldiers who then became zealots and saved our bacon when the team took on some huge stuff to defend the town so players wouldn't have to face them...hmm Gwen's griffons?

Also dave d thank you


Gwen's griffons, I like! And yes I was beeeeat. Sorry I only could hang for one day.


I loved the feel of the weekend. The number of PCs made it feel close knit and like we were on the front lines.

NPCs were top notch. Good clean fighting and awesome RP.

The resource management on top of fighting on the front lines made it all feel very real. What we did mattered and I loved using Gwen's tactical and soldiering experience. The NPCs coming in for more training afterwards was awesome.

The tabletop battle with Dave and having those guys I trained following me into the maw to save Grim, totally bad a**.

RP with Alda and discussing tactics, totally cool.

Hanging with Udo and teaching the NPCs together.

Seeing the phalanx again. It was like when I first started playing. Good nostalgia :)

Discussion with Qualin about sacrifice. Deep moments.

Fighting that darn Silas again!

Mike G. As the wyvern. Nailed it dude!

Grim becoming baron and Corrheim officially becoming a court again. You go Kyle! You deserve it.

Just seeing everyone again was super great too. Missed you all