I am a little late


Pardon me as I typically make these dreamings closer to our meetings, however I have only recently realized I have failed to do so. It is much more likely that because of the time that has passed since our last meeting I will have forgotten something. As such I would hope that if you have concerns which you wish assistance with, you would do so in this dreaming.

Fate and Justice
These are of course embodiments we continue to struggle with. I believe Justice is being held by Silver Destiny, however I am uncertain. Even is he is, I do believe it is better he is sent back to the realm in which he belongs. I may have a lead on this, I will keep everyone updated as things progress. Fate is, as always, dangerous. I was personally trapped in his labyrinth. It was a certain form of torture I hope I never have to endure again and is nothing I would wish upon anyone else. If we have made strides towards dealing with either of theThise issues, I would hope someone would correct me, or keep me updated.

I have heard whispers of Naga being rereleased into the world, something we had previously anticipated. This is an issue I would hope people would be moved to deal with before the world is on fire. Meaning lets handle this problem before it is world ending. They tend to be tricky to deal with

The Tower
There is a tower full of feral stone elves to my understanding. I believe Pyke is working more personally with this issue. From my understanding they are very dangerous and would require a great deal of strength and/or evasion. I wish you luck Pyke. If you require assistance, I will happily lend my bow. I would wish any information gathered be shared. It is my understanding that they were conducting experiments here.

The Hollow Elves
Last I knew we had a lead on how to help these poor beings, again I believe through Pyke. It is of vast importance to me that every being in the realm of Fortannis know freedom. However, with a lack of emotion and freedom that is difficult. I beg-not for me but for others, for all of us- that we find a way to free these beings from a prison they never thought they would be trapped in.

The Vipers
I have a theory on how to deal with the wild gangs of Nu'udah, however with my new duchy I anticipate being horrifically busy. My plan is to recruit the whole of the gangs under one gang run by myself. I think this would allow us to manipulate the people however we would like. Again though, I am going to be egregiously busy. So I appreciate any other thoughts on how to handle this issue.

Dragons of The Crimson Port
This one is slightly more personal, but will become a problem for the whole if not dealt with. There are still four dragons within my duchy which lies within Roefield. If we do not find a way to contain of exterminate said dragons, we shall all see anguish. Some of you may remember Bleak? He visited our lands before we came to Eloria. I faced him personally in Dragonreach. I fear if we allow these Dragons to accumulate power, we will be dealing with a bleak scenario 4 times over. I believe strongly in radical freedom, so if you are more concerned with other issues, do as you will. But know darkness may await us all if we don't find resolution.

I, in this dreaming, can't ignore the loss of one of us. Ahlana was a heart for some of us. Others saw her as a paragon. And some saw her interests as self righteous. Despite what she meant to you, she was a pillar in our community. While her methods may have been concerning at times, she did not fail us. But that is less important than she was an adventurer like you. I am not one who finds myself in tears very often anymore, but I feel the loss. I feel how hearts wrench; I see it in the eyes of others. I believe her her house and her guild are preparing something for her. So that we may celebrate her life. I hope that those who are planning her celebration keep us updated so that we may all bask in the glory of her light. The nothing is a reality we all must face, especially as an adventurer. That however does not make this any less tragic. And while Ahlana may not be officially dead, I find it unlikely any of us will see her again.

She was brave, she was clever, and she knew what it truly meant to be an adventurer.

I apologize for ending on a sad note, but Ahlanas loss is something which rattled my sense of being hard.

As always, I am with you.

Fair winds and Followings Seas,

Duchess Saro of the Crimson Port
My dear Saro,

Thank you for your update and getting the ball rolling for this years adventuring community.
The hollow elves are being taking care of and out of harm for the moment. This may take time to get the stone elves tower back in order so we can send some who are on the side of freeing the Sylvanborn from the shackles of the emotional blockage.

I am uneducated in the problems of the dragons (the other dragons not in crimson port) which seem to be put into Gideon's court. I will focus on the tower and will find the time to strike so we can get to the end of the hollow elves.

Ahlana was a pillar within the adventuring community and I think we need to do something on our first day we meet back up.

What has been up with the mist. I have been away and only got some info on it and not sure all the aspects of the ritual that had happen and what are we experiencing now?