I am very New!



Is there a way to just come watch an event to see what it looks like? Or do you have to register first? I am a grad student in Princeton, NJ and I want a friend to come with me to scope it out first. Is that OK? I am pumped about the whole idea of LARP !! Is there an online Rule Book? Or do you have to buy one?

Thanks, Sarah
I can't think of any reason why you wouldn't be allowed to stand out of the way and just watch. However, please be sure that you have a white headband to wear - that is the signal that you are not participating in the game.

It is much better to come and participate as an NPC (non-playing character) even for just a day. Contact you local chapter and they can tell you more. Costs to NPC are so low as to be almost non-existant, and most chapters will even feed you. You can participate as much or as little as you are comfortable. It's a great way to find out more about the game -- much better than standing out of the way and just being a spectator ... and a whole lot more fun, too.

Does anyone else out there think of any reason why we can't have a spectator or two?
i can think of a few. not to be the negative guy. but the more people at an event in out of period clothing not participating in the game, the more distractions and suspention of disbelief becomes harder. said individuals could be writing for a specific report/paper/religious group and want inside access to the game. allowing non players to attend events for spectating purposes creates precidents for other issues later on such as filming events, etc. (not always a positive thing).
Ondreij said:
Does anyone else out there think of any reason why we can't have a spectator or two?

Yes... generally we really don't want to encourage watching at all. We're not a Ren Faire -- you're supposed to participate.

Further, there is always a problem with insurance (if you were to get hurt accidentially)!

With that said, showing up for a few minutes to check it out is probably fine. Get a staff member to give you a quick tour. But there is no way I'm going to let anyone walk around and watch the game for hours, nor can we spare a staff person to escort you. We do our best to provide a good atmosphere for the game, and having people walk around -- even with headbands on -- kind of destroys that feel. (I don't even let my NPCs walk around in the tavern and other places with headbands on unless they have to!)

And let's face it, if you were playing, you wouldn't want a bunch of people watching you either and possibly ruining your fun.

So why not come and play instead? Come join, be an NPC, and then you not only get to watch, you get to try it out as well. And if you don't like it, you can leave without spending any money other than a membership fee. :D
Oh, sorry: as to the Rule Book -- you have to buy one. However, a new version should be available within a month or so (hopefully). By the summer, there should be a downloadable version but you'll have to pay for it (probably $5).

It is very highly recommended, as it not only has all the rules you need but lots of advice sections on how to get the most fun out of the game.
;) Well, ok. I will get more involved then. I thought there might be a watching part like at a renaissance fair or something. I will get the book, costume, and all before I show up in all my ignorance :D
SarahBera said:
;) Well, ok. I will get more involved then. I thought there might be a watching part like at a renaissance fair or something. I will get the book, costume, and all before I show up in all my ignorance :D

You'll have a lot more fun that way! :D

Besides, some stuff just isn't really "watchable" -- when a group has a secret meeting, or if someone is going on a crowded module, for instance. And then, what would you watch? Lots of stuff happens all at the same time!
If a gameday happens at a local public park I don't see why he or she can't just watch; after all it is public and we can't restrict who can enter the park to begin with. To be honest, however, the game is not spectator freindly and there are alot of things you can do as a PC or NPC to fit your activity level preferences or needs. In other words you don't have to be a jock or brainiac or rich to play. You could be on crutches and still play a role within the game world of Alliance. Which is why I think this is the biggest appeal to the game itself: anybody can play and enjoy themselves in Alliance barring major health issues that keep you in bed or in a hospital.

SarahBera said:
I will get the book, costume, and all before I show up in all my ignorance :D

As I understand, costume will be provided if you NPC. Otherwise, I'll have to run around naked except for a cape next weekend, and nobody wants that. You just need some good shoes, and black clothes to wear underneath the costume.
Best idea is to figure out which chapter's event you think you would want to attend to get a feel for it, contact that specific owner, and get their take on it. Some may be more open to spectating than others, and some may feel that they or other people on their staff, might have more time leading up to or at a game to help fill you in on what's going on and get you involved at a level you're comfortable with. I know that most chapters, if you let them know you're coming and your situation, that they'd be thrilled to have you play NPC rolls (non-player character if you're not hip to the lingo) such as merchants or tavern folk just to get you into the middle of the game to see what's going on around you with a minimal knowledge of the game rules, hopefully followed by a few easy combat encounters with very basic things for you to remember (such as a zombie or a goblin with only three spells to remember, that kind of thing). We really are VERY newbie friendly at our games and we love nothing more than getting new players and "forcing" them into the thick of things simply by not excluding you just cause you're new.
Wonderful! More minions are always good! And I've got to echo the sentiment that NPCing can be a great experience in determining "do I really want to get into this hobby?". As our season gets closer, let us know what event/events you're planning on showing up at, and I'm sure we can work something up :D
I am still very new. YET this time I am planning on actually coming and making a character- hopefully a bard type. Since 2009 when I first wanted to LARP I have had a few spawn. Once I have my spawn taken care of- I AM THERE!
We'll be more than happy to welcome you into the Alliance family.
If I might ask, where are you currently located?
Sometimes I run across this thread again and it makes me crazy happy!

I wonder how this all would have gone if I really had ever shown up to play in 2009 in the New Jersey chapter. The event I was going to attend was over finals and then graduation from grad school.

Now I’ve larped a few years, written mods, written IBGAs, and made some amazing friends! I’m still terrible at parts of the game - but some parts are the most fun I’ve ever had!!

So if you’re reading this and on the fence like I was in 2009 - just come try it!!!
We're so glad you found us! *Starts Chanting* One of us one of us.