I Little Help If You Can


I hope this message finds those of Bastion healthy and well. My travels there over the Winter were interesting, and my time spent with High Arcanist Illkari was enlightening. With that said, I hear that there maybe an excursion to the Wild Woods this upcoming weekend. I would love to assist, but my duties here in my land make it impossible.
Inside the Wild Wood is a great tree, the sap of this tree is magical in nature, or at least a good conduit of magic. The High Arcanist and I have come up with way to help locate the sources of foundation magic, which in theory, can help with the gathering of all these ingredients needed for this massive ritual you guys are planing, but it needs this sap to make it work.
If someone could get some of the Sap and take it to the High Arcanist, I think it will help everyone.

Thank you in advance,

Baron Foss Fairfax of Wayside