[IBGA] A Message From Council Member Thistlewood



My name is Braden Thistlewood, I serve as the Council Member for Popolos. Although I’m mostly on Isla Primos due to my duties, I live in the capital city of Popolos, Plimbare. It's not too far from Newharbor & The Bastion.

I heard that your island is ruled by a monarchy. For those of you who may not know, ours is not. I’ve done some research and have attempted to compare them for you here. I don’t think it’s an exact match, but hopefully it will help!

Kalinthas //// Kundirk
————— //// ————
Local Populace //// Commoners
Protector //// Knight
Lord Protector //// Baron
Governor //// Count
Council Member //// Duke
Archon of the Isles //// King

I’ve heard a few of you are quite skilled at fighting, and with us being a nexus to all the other islands we deal with a lot of pirates and criminals. It’s been getting worse lately, and I was wondering if some of you may be able to help? I’ll send my Lord Protector to The Bastion in a few days if anybody wants to assist.

Thank you!

Council Member Braden Thistlewood