[IBGA] Crafty Folks

Which of you folks is good at makin’ stuff? I’m kinda crafty, and I’m lookin’ to see what sort of resources we can combine from the islands into new concotions! May take a bit of brainstormin’ first though.

I think I would like to work with you. As alchemist I have done some cool things. I personally made the recipe for life gasses in wayside earlier this year.

"Which of you folks is good at makin’ stuff?"

Oh oh! Me me! I'm absolutely fantastic at making stuff dead!

"I’m kinda crafty"

Oh oh! Me too! Once, I siphoned all of the chaos out of a witch's grave by humping the gravestone into submission! Crafty, eh?

Care to make sweet con-coc-tions with me?

-Professor McRuneyBeard
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I also make alchemy. I am looking for someone to teach me beyond the basic recipes. I want to learn to make bigger healing elixirs and to make an elixir last longer or indefinitely when put into my tasty confections. Can you help me do those things?

I look forward to meeting you and visiting your lands in just a few short weeks.

I don know what you’re talking about Mr. Professor, but yeah making things together sound great!

Belfry, come visit me this weekend! I’m the only cottage in the woods north of The Bastion, err, at least I think so! Bring some sweets!