Roanoke Staff
Tel'Vania Calls for Aid IBGA's "AUGUST 12TH-14TH WEEKEND" IBGA'S ARE DUE in 2 WEEKS. DEADLINE ((((AUGUST 30th))))

IBGA's ( In Between Game Actions)

Players are encouraged do IBGA's concerning their intended actions between events. An IBGA is a description of what a character wishes to do during the “down-time” between Alliance LARP Virginia events. This can include research, communication, travel, and various other activities that can be time intensive or otherwise impractical for a character to perform during an event. Performing such activities gives your character a “history” outside of actually attending Alliance LARP events and is a great way to promote your character’s development. While you will not gain experience for doing IBGA's, you may gain information that can prove helpful or even vital in-game. Players Characters that are proactive both in-game and out-of-game (by making an IBGA) tend to be the most well informed characters, and therefore, the most involved in plot. Here are a few basic guidelines on making an IBGA.

• IBGA deadline. In order to ensure that the plot committee has sufficient time to review your IBGA, we are instituting a submission deadline of two weeks prior to the next Alliance LARP event. Exceptions to this policy will only be made when events are to close together to allow for that time. All Plot submission deadlines are listed with the event descriptions. IBGA's received after the cutoff date will not be accepted, no exceptions will be made. (DEADLINE FOR FIRST EVENT AUGUST 30TH)

• IBGA's not sent to the plot e-mail address will not be accepted. No exceptions. You may only send your IBGA to (Alliancelarpvirginiaplot@gmail.com)

• Include what you intend to do. Do not assume that anything succeeds. The plot committee will do its best to go over your IBGA in a timely manner and inform you of what happens as a result by the next event. We will either contact you directly or provide the information in written form at check-in.

• Only one plot submission per PC. With the number of plots running and the volume of PCs, it eases the burden on the plot committee if they only have to worry about one plot submission per PC per month. If you choose to change your IBGA you may do so up until the submission deadline. You may only do a personal IBGA or group IBGA but not both.

• No combat or spell-casting. Because of the complexities involved in the Alliance LARP combat environment, combat and spell-casting need to be handled entirely in-game and thus are prohibited from plot submissions. You can research spell-casting and practice sword-fighting—that is perfectly acceptable—but you cannot declare that you wish to cast a formal magic ritual or kill a dragon, and then expect it to be completed by the next event. If you wish to perform those actions, you must do it in-game at a Alliance LARP Virginia event. Using role-playing skills is somewhat different. For example, if you have Craftsman: Tracking and wish to search for tracks between events, which is generally acceptable.

• No production skill benefits. While within a plot submission you can say that you wish to make use of a production skill, you can only earn the benefits of using production skills, such as receiving armor/weapons tags, elixirs, potions or scrolls, at logistics during an event.

• Goblin stamps may be used for influence during a plot write-ups. We would like to give players another way to spend their Goblin Stamps. However there are a few rules to this:

• Goblin stamps may be used to purchase services or enact bribes during a plot write-up to help the player spend money to achieve influence with an NPC or Faction. Examples of what could be done would be: paying for expedient passage (travel that is faster than you normally could cover during a plot write-up); Bribes to officials to let you by or to get a message through to someone, etc.

• Goblin stamps could be used to buy “orange” tag goods that only have RP value. Such as Homes, Buildings, Boats, Artwork, Etc. [Horses are an exception and will need to be discussed with plot and may have additional purchases with in game coin]; any green tag item that has use in game must be purchased with in game coin. Orange items can be utilized in RP but may never be sold using the merchant skill for in game coin as they are not purchased with the treasure policy rules outlined by the alliance bylaws. If a player wished to trade or give an orange tag item to an NPC to get influence with that person/organization that is acceptable.

• This would be accomplished on a 1gs = 1cp standard. So if you wanted to bribe a guard a gold piece to look the other way, you will be spending 100 goblin stamps to do so. If you wanted to buy a homestead for 15 gold it would cost you 1500 gobbies. Depending on whose influence you wish to purchase you can spend up to your full balance of gobbies to do so. You may not spend more goblin stamps than you currently have in your balance.

• Goblin Stamps are spent as soon as plot for the action is attempted. If you submit that you are going to dockside and purchase passage on a ship and you spend 5 silver on remaining anonymous, the 50 gobbies are immediately spent as soon as it was resolved by plot that you got to dockside and hopped onto a ship. Logisitcs will be notified and the gobbies will be removed from your total.

• “Influence” spent in this fashion does not guarantee it will be successful. Plot will decide the outcome and will notify you of the actions effects. If it is a risky endeavor and you wish to improve your chances on gaining a key contact in a secret organization, your influence can get you there but it will not guarantee the anticipated result, just like real life. If the situation is too complicated it may require you playing out a special module prior to the beginning of the weekend. Plot will let you know this prior to showing up for the weekend.

• If you don't have the GS to add influence to your IBGA but still wish to do so. You may pay coin to Logistics, Please state in your IBGA the amount you wish to spend and make sure you have it. (Friday night at check-in before the game and before you recive your character sheet) this must be paid upfront in full and in coin only. If we don't receive your IBGA Coin payment in the manner stated above your IBGA will be null and void.

Characters doing Group IBGA (which are a good idea, as the more people involved generally the more time can be spent on that IBGA) should e-mail plot even if they are not the ones sending the final version of the group IBGA. One person should send in the group submission, with any actions they intend to take separately listed afterwards. People not sending in the final submission, should e-mail plot to indicate their characters involvement, and add any actions they wish to take separately. You WILL NOT be included in a group IBGA if plot does not receive an e-mail stating that you are going along.