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  1. Jon no

    Jon no Newbie

    How are ye?

    I'm Nikos Sonus. I keep an eye on the Celestial, and Earth Circles here in the Maelstrom.

    I've heard some of ye folks plan ta come visit our blasted wasteland soon.

    I imagine several of ye will be wantin' ta cast a variety of Formal Rituals.

    Don't blow up me damn circles. Also, I want them kept clear so they can serve their primary functions.

    With that in mind I've a Create Limited Circle of Power scroll, and an Investiture scroll ye can Spellcraft from. They're both kept in the Earth Circle.

    The Circle scroll requires 3 reagents selected from the following list; Nightshade, Cariosus, Pyrotis, and Jetsam.

    Investiture requires 1 from the following list; Cariosus, Nightshade, Feyander.

    The Scrolls are also available for any folks wanting safety while they sleep, but ta not sleep in a Ward.

    Finally, I've full books for both schools at the Earth Circle folks may memorize from if needs be.
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  2. Freyir

    Freyir Newbie


    Ye be heard Nikos.

    That bein said, Ill be watching the earth circle and keepin an eye on the celestial circle when Im not off doing other things.

    Should ye need the items and cant find them/are not invested in the circle, Ill be happy to help provide what I can.

    Use these items for good. I find ye did it for other purposes...you may be finding yourself res'in in the circles we have work'd hard to creat', keep, an protect. This also goes for taken items outta the circle that dont belong to ye.

    The circles are places of powerful magics, and take a lot. Dont be idiots. Dont cast in the circle if ye have other options, which Nikos' has kindly provided.

    See you on the battlefield.

    Oh! If ye need help locatin' either circle, contact me privat'ly and ill let ya know wherd they be.

    In service and honor,
    Squire Hildr'
    House Phoenix
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  3. Cedric

    Cedric Adept Denver Staff Marshal

    Goodman Nikos,

    I appreciate you very much offering up your scrolls to spellcraft off of. Since most of us are not invested in your two circles, I hope that this won't be an issue. Still it is mighty kind of you to offer this.

    By my hand,

    Squire Kendrick Eisenhal of Rivervale
  4. Leora Wambach

    Leora Wambach Newbie

    Hello Nikos,

    My name is Alis Stormslayer and I believe, based on the dreams I've been having, I will also be attending this event. I am of the Free people and we do not use wards. I am hoping to gain assistance in putting a Limited Circle of Power around my own tent, but if not, any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I promise not to blow up any circles.

  5. Jon no

    Jon no Newbie

    Pleasure ta meet ye Alis.

    If ye can spellcraft it, and provide the components listed, make free use of the Circle, and Investiture scroll. Just have a care ta put them back so others may make use of them.

    If ye need someone else to slap it down for ye bring the extra component for an investiture as the caster will need ta invest ye in the Circle so ye can come and go. May want to invest a few others so there're folks around who can drag ye out should ye be dropped while inside it. Be an unpleasant bit of irony if the magics protecting ye while ye sleep prove yer undoing while awake.

    If ye need a caster, and have the components, or are a caster without the components I'm certain arrangements can be made, but best ye make them sooner rather than later. If ye need me assistance with this let me know. If ye have neither let me know, and I'll see about shaking down some folks, or putting you together with someone who does.

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  6. Leora Wambach

    Leora Wambach Newbie


    I do not yet know the spell, and I believe I have exactly one component, but I'm not sure if it's the right kind. I'd appreciate any help you could offer.

    Thank you,
  7. Jon no

    Jon no Newbie

    I'll have someone contact ye.

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