IC/OOC reagent Storing


Chicago Staff
So the method of storing reagents thus far, i have officially grown out of... Which i guess is a good thing - but I have a lot of these sticks with no real good substitude for my previous method.

So i figured i would reach out the wisdom of the ages and ask "how do you store them" only complicated by is the method you store them different from "at game and IC" versus "At home and storing waiting for next event"

My previous method was a sheet protector for each reagent type, which was kept in the same binder as my rituals. But now due to a combination of more rituals and more reagents; its just not a feasible method anymore.

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
For Gandian, I have them separated into bags inside a larger bag for the time being, but I kinda hate it. I have the high-level "problem" of a lot of components to store, so even simple storage solutions become kinda bulky. I've been meaning to put together a big, fancy wooden box with labeled sections for all ten types for while, but we'll see if actually happens anytime soon. If I figure out a design, maybe I'll make a couple and sell them for other folks as well, though.

For Silp, they go haphazardly in the bottom of my box and are later sold to someone else when I remember to do so, just like pretty much everything Silp finds.


You've seen this already spaz, but for people looking for ideas:
I used to use bagception storage as well and I hated it. My hatred fueled my motivation to make this. I tore out the useless shelf in our guild box and used the old wood and some spare wood to make this reagent holder. I put a HDD magnet on the inside of the lid and a bit of metal on the reagent holder so it's removable. The wood bit in the middle is just held in place by the strings, and does a decent job of keeping everything from falling out when the big box is closed. I haven't found decent reps for the missing "labels", but I'll glue them on when I find them.



For storage at home, I use Plano boxes. At game, they generally hang out in a small lockbox, with each type tied together into a bundle, although I don't often have enough of them to need that much since everything at the games I play in gets auctioned and I don't care to pay what the people who really collect them will.


I use storage boxes from the hardware store for holding screws and things. They usually have dividers you can pull out to make long thin sections, and are perfect for light fragile things like reagents. At game, I put those storage boxes in a larger wooden crate for IC look, and pull out a few to keep on me or use as needed.


Chicago Staff
I have found quite possibly the best thing ever - But it is not period looking in the slightest. But that is likely nothing a little bit of crafting can't solve.