Idea: Adventurer Flea market & Auction day Next year

Shen [he/him]

Chicago Staff
This past market we met with many different representatives. Notably of the traveling trade and barter caravans was the Selunari and also the Hobbling envoys. With both, I am told arrangements have been made to Gaurentee that their caravans will visit our little town, and uproot such a quiet village with trade, food, and music.

It occurred to me and then tossed around the idea in passing, that we could organize with these groups, that their arrival be marked at the same time, though the day may change year by year. Thus, we could set up a adventurer/town/caravan bazar of goods and whatever the seller might accept in payment - as well as auctions from sellers throughout the day, as well as one large auction just before dinner in the evening.

My thought process is that such a concept would be a "ongoing" function, just set aside amongst the town but still inside our makeshift protections. Different sellers may show up throughout the day, the individual caravans may have different members of their respected groups at different times, as well as The adventurers or our own groups/guilds may have established stalls or make shift temporary set ups. All for everyone to be able to browse and partake, and trade.

Now, my first impulse is one I have every year which is spring cleaning of things gathered over the past year the only collected dust. But as our first Market of the year, there would be little planning or opportunity for our fellows to adventure with the pursuit of collecting stuff they want, stuff they could sell, and shiny click clack to pay for them. However I don't know how frugal or not each person or group has been - so this may or may not be a concern for anyone but from a "planning" perspective is not a subject to ignore the possibility of.

We could, attempt to plan such a thing just before the summer heat sets in. Cool, but warm - a good time and place to have social down time and rest between whatever adventure you may wish to find while merchants set up and tare down within their shared assigned space. But not yet (hopefully) so hot as to not desire to be outside

Later amists High Summer, we more than likely would only enjoy this time frame if it were arranged inside, likely among what what free space may be claimed. I would not set sights on the constraints of our Tavern - as it is possible we may have constructed other buildings by this time and they *might* be available. Such planning would be unknowable untill we were closer to the weekend in question.

In fall, would be a good option for many of the same reasons as early summer... but fall.

Late Fall / Early Winter - likely the gathering before we feast again, or maybe even the feast gathering - such would depend on size/space and the weather and follow the same logic as High Summer.
((Outside plans would be to build a market place around the Volleyball area, as to be nearby and use space we have access to - but can't have combat in, so we don't adversely affect mod space - Inside plans, solidly would be unique to the event in question, event attendance, and what buildings we may rent beyond Stone Lodge if any - which is likely affected by attendance/weather))

--Things to keep in mind however is that the Shards throughout Fortanis typically come together in a large market, auction, meeting and whatever adventure awaits when such a power ammases every couple years and if that schedule holds should take place next year. Im told it usually happens in the fall. So this large *National Event* needs to factor into any type of planning as well. As those that go will want to make sure they have wares and coin available for their travel - but those who do not go, could have a small piece of such magic closer to home.

Personally, I think that Spring Cleaning would be a great time for such an event and could even become a great way to start and open the year - but I see the cons of it as well. So would be equally thrilled with a Market somewhere between Early Spring and not yet Summer. Though Truth be told, the summer heat can be defeated with Binar's individually conjured Cheese cakes - I frimly believe it is what kept hope alive for some during the heat of the most recent national gathering of adventurers.

This event would not take the place of adventuring, there would still be adventuring to do all day and all night - but there would be a primary "notable events with notable items" which most adventurers would not want to miss so there may be a few hours where the Caravans are in full force and adventuring takes a break to snacks and shopping.

So first - What do others think of this idea? Something that sounds good, cool, fun , etc. Something a little different and community event, there could even be pie.

With the first - your feedback of what pitfalls youd want to make sure the planners and organizers make sure to not loose sight of - and aspects which would discourage or encourage attendance and/or participation

second - When during the year do you think would be a great time for such an event and why is it a good idea over the others? There should be, cosmic forces willing - nine different markets to choose from from spring to winter so an idea of your first and second choice would be ideal.

Third - anything you think i forgot in the discussion of this idea - its been a long day of "oh shiney... Blue!.... oh hey a bird..."