If Alliance were a video game...

I feel like a good way of doing do would be some quick and easy ones and then the ones that take time and dedication to the game. Some quick ideas are;
  • Earning a wizard title for a scholar. I don’t know too much about marshal or stealth but one for learning so many weapon proficiencies or backstabs+ having so much xp in marshal or stealth skills.
  • Another achievement for mastering crafting skills like blacksmithing or scroll making for our Artisans.
  • Starting a Knighthood quest and then another for finishing it.
  • In my home chapter we have guilds to join, ranking up in them could also be an achievement.
  • Going on dangerous mods.
  • Maybe an achievement for leading so many missions.
  • another one for using you skills in a really unique way.


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Ima Survivor- Be the last person standing at the end if a mod.


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Ima Survivor- Be the last person standing at the end if a mod.

You can add savior to that if you happen to get the rest of the mod back to life.


Gone Too Soon - Pull Black Stone on 10%

Should Have Read The Manual - Autobacklash a Ritual

These Things Happen - Backlash a ritual through rolling 0s.

Friendly Foe - Incapacitate five friends while under the mental control of an enemy.


Alliance Rules
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Orcish Purify - Administer a killing blow, followed by a Life spell to get rid of a purifyable status effect

Poor Man’s Obliterate - Kill someone, follow them to the circle, kill them again

I’d rather be lucky than good - succeed on a ritual with a 10% chance of success


"Gateway Drug" - First Magic Item
"And... SOLD!" - First Auction Win
"Vintage Wares" - First Artifact
"I'm the captain now!" - First time you have the key info and need to debrief a town mod.
"Silver Tongue" - First time you complete a combat mod without any combat
"Achilles Heel" - First time you down a BBG by finding the one carrier it has no defense against.
"Danger Zone" - Surviving an unscaled mod while under level 10


Alliance Rules
"Indestructible" - Use a valid defense against a shatter spirit and/or obliterate

"Richy Rich Pants" - Aquire your first platinum coin

"Envy of the Town" - Aquire a permanent magic item

"Traitor!" - Join the plot team after having been a long time PC.

I failed the "Danger Zone" achievement


"Anchor" - on a scaled module, be 20 levels under the APL for the mod.

"I'm Rubber, You're Glue" - land 10 attacks using a "bane" in an event


Alliance Rules
Gettysburg Staff
Level Spike - be double the APL at an event


Alliance Rules


I wanted some for NPCs as well, since they're super important to the game as well.

"Switching Sides" - Volunteer to NPC for a mod.
"Pay Your Dues" - Play an entire event as an NPC
"Guild Member" - NPC an entire season.
"Loyal Opposition" - NPC an entire campaign
"Big Bad" - Get cast by plot as a major antagonist for a field fight.
"Nuclear Codes" - Play a villain with the Dragon Magic (or similar) skill.


"Am I the bad guy?" - complete a combat mod, only to find out later that it was meant to be an RP mod
"No Longer Best Friends" - be fed an enslavement antidote while enslaved
"Popcorn" - as an NPC, respawn as a creature with only weapon skill 10 times in a row
"Hail Hydra" - NPC as part of a prop monster that requires multiple people to physrep
"I get by with a little help from my friends" - use Create Undead on a friend's corpse
"I should have seen that coming" - be convicted of Necromancy and put to death
"Oops" - trigger a Vengeance ritual
"Any got a cloak?" - trigger an explosive trap and have all your possessions destroyed
"Nap time" - Waylay 5 people in one mod
"1% Club" - have 2 characters in a row, draw the black stone on their first draw
"Buying the Mod" - use more than 25 alchemy/trap globes in one fight
"Ironman" - have 100 or more armor and temporary armor points
"Make the healers cry" - Answer the healing arts question "How many Body Points are you down?" with a number 200 or larger
"Juggernaut" - Use 5 mettle's in one fight without receiving healing.
"Grin and Bear It" - use resolute against 5 attacks in a row
"Can't Touch This" - use dodge against 5 attacks in a row
"Life of the Party" - use at least 10 life spells in one event
"Stick with it" - pick up an item, only to discover it is spirit linked to you
"I meant to do that" - accidentally trigger a trap, that you use an Avoid Trap to avoid, but an ally does not


Oh man... these are amazing!

Just so you know, I asked this question because I am making an OOG mini game for players in Utah. Just want to sort of give some silly challenges to accomplish while we play.