IG Forum "rules"

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For the IG forum please note that all topics, replies etc are to be conducted as if you were actually in the game. General questions, comments and queries should go in the Out-of-Game forum.

When you reply to an IG post you cannot "manipulate" the enviroment, other characters etc. You may only describe what your character is doing and how they react to certain things.


Bob the Biata: "I enter the tavern, shaking off the dust from the King's Road. I look around the tavern to see who else may be here" (this is acceptable)

Bob the Biata: "I enter the tavern, shaking the rain off of my clothing. I wander over to the table of Dwarves and slap the first one I see" (okay, unacceptable for a couple reasons: 1- You do not create the enviroment of rain [unless it was stated previously that it is raining], 2- If no one has said they are here, you do not know if there are Dwarves in the tavern, 3- You cannot start a "virtual combat")

If you have any questions, you can ask in the OOG forums for clarity.
A reminder folks, you can only control your actions and words, NOT THE ACTIONS OR WORDS OF OTHERS!
Just a reminder. All threads are locked once a new event happens. From there you need to create new threads based on the event.
Not open for further replies.