IG: House membership

I became Dominei of Base and Reason and shortly after helped induct both Ulfric? (Craig White) and Jeremiah (Anthony Gourdine)
I believe you're referring to Aelfric, Dominus Darellin.
Odie, Arlene, and Kennick have all joined House Tsunami and Dream
the list has been updated If someone could please review and make sure: I was a little confused on Karzel's status, at last gather he left Pain & Purity for Fate & Fury, and now I'm being told he is Equitem of Whispers and Thunder. Can someone please confirm for me? everything else matches the notes I have from last event and those changes have been updated.
That is accurate.
I had left Peace and Malice for Fate and Fury. I was then asked to be Equitem of Whisper's and Thunder, of which I accepted.
Diego has joined Fate and Fury.
Added to the House of Pain and Purity:

Additionally, Sprig has taken the Oath and become our Equitem. Congratulations to Sprig!
Oona has joined House Fate and Fury.
Odie has left House Tsunami and Dream and has joined House Whispers and Thunder.
Kidda is now Dominus of Fate & Fury

Diego is also a member of Fate & Fury
I was told that I was beholden to Light & Lies, and that Shin has left this house?
Is this accurate?

I am aware that you had joined Light and Lies, but I do not know if Shin has left the House or not.

Thank you Zeth. I only heard, I suppose maybe Shin would know for certain.

Rufaro has joined Base and Reason.
Zeth, Roann,

That is correct. I am presently without a House.

In Service,