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The IG forum for Stormbreak is a physical message sharing system within the Maelstrom. It is shared up to the Dream Realm, and copies of missives may be tacked to any number of message boards throughout the lands. Unless you have a character within the Maelstrom please do not post (feel free to read in character!) When posting please keep the following in mind:

-All IG communications must have the identity of the character noted, please sign your posts as your Character or as a Stormbreak Plot approved alias (for you nefarious types).

-NPCs also have access to the boards at Plot discretion; anything posted publicly may be heard by anyone the plot team thinks would be interesting to hear it.

-Any request for private communication with NPCs must be sent via email to AllianceStormbreak@gmail.com please DO NOT PM NPCs via these boards, or on other social media sites, or other email addresses.

-Do not use this thread to post IG. This thread exists to help define our world.
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